Rey D Nova and His Impact on the Growth of Latin Music

Rey D Nova is an up-and-coming musician with a mind full of talent and a heart full of song who hopes to take the industry and the world by storm someday through his reggaeton, dembow, and hip-hop music. Rey D Nova, born Rafael Reyes to many, is the new face of the growing Latin music movement that is currently going on in Boston. Since venturing into the mainstream, Rey has entertained crowds not just in the US but down to South America as well. Notable among the states and cities where he has performed include Florida, New York, Tennessee, to mention a few, and with special appearances in Santiago, Chile, and the Dominican Republic. Rey has also opened for recognized artists such as Byran Myers, Daddy Yankee, El Alfa, Arcangel, and Nicky Jam.

For every performance, Rey continues to leave an impression on his audience, and this has helped him expand his fan base internationally. Rey’s popularity continues to grow, especially on music streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, where his latest single has amassed over 100k views so far and counting. Megamass TV has also awarded him International Artist of the Year 2020. Rey is known for his performance, which many have described as energetic and thrilling. As a result of these, his video streams on YouTube continue to grow, especially with his singles such as “El Sonido,” “Muevelo,” “Brillo Feat. Borrel,” and “La Tipa.”  

Rey says he is focused on his music and building a powerful team of supporters and decision-makers who would play important roles in spreading his music and message. Rey is energized and ready to take his career to the next level, and he wants the readers who are just getting to know about him to look out for Rey D Nova’s music, new releases, and performance in 2021.

Rey’s target audience includes music lovers (fans of Reggaeton, hip-hop, and dembow), dancers, music producers, especially Spanish speakers. And while he believes that his sound is unique and versatile, the core of what separates him from his competition is the energy, charisma, and personality he brings to the table.

“I have always been a music head since very young. I did it for fun, but when people said I had something special, I built my empire. I started to network and met people like Daddy Yankee, David Ortiz, Arcangel, and Nicky Jam. I learned very fast that I was a walking billboard, ready to take it to the next level. My motivation to build and keep networking is my family!” Ray said of his motivation to build his brand.

When asked where he sees himself and his brands in five years, Rey said, “I like to say RICH! But that’s only words and an idea to drive me where I want to be. The real answer is I like to own my music studio, video studio, and space to keep creating more music for the people who follow and listen to me.”

Rey D Nova would like readers who are just hearing about him to follow him and his journey to the top of the charts. He believes they will benefit from enjoying new sounds that will pump energy and life into their daily activities.

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