‘ReelTalk’ App Sets Social Media Movements in Motion through Healthy Discussion

The current pandemic calls for a global movement to stay home, and social media has never played a more critical role in the history of the modern world. It’s a no brainer that individuals and companies alike are all taking advantage, and investing in a means of communication that could disseminate information at a lightning-fast speed.

The number of social media users is only going to balloon in numbers from here on out. A recent study showed that in 2019, 2.95 billion people were using social media across the globe, and the volumes will shoot up to a staggering 3.43 billion in 2023. Social media penetration is consistently increasing worldwide, standing at 49% as of January 2020. And as developed digital markets continue to expand and create offshoots as a product of a continuously evolving industry, these numbers are only expected to rise. 

Two young entrepreneurs decided to harness this power of social media as they were brewing up a project to add something of value to the social media industry. Matt Jangaard is one of the two business-minded individuals who launched ReelTalk in 2019, an app specially designed to serve as a safe place for people to have meaningful and focused discussions about their social standpoints and the social movements that they support. The two 23-year-olds based in Santa Monica, California, noticed the absence of a more targeted platform where people could closely follow social movements, so they did something about it.

ReelTalk is one of the most innovative social networking services to date. It turns trends into movements and diversifies the way we utilize the potential of social media. ReelTalk serves as a leading platform where anyone has the freedom to express their thoughts and share them with people who have the same commonalities on beliefs and social movements. It is the first app where all political parties can each have their own space without worrying about being negated or harassed by other political parties coming into their community. Each person is regarded for their insights and personal beliefs, instead of superficial photos. Because ReelTalk focuses on hosting intelligent discourse, it’s not about how many likes you have, but how meaningful your connections and conversations are.

After a user signs up on the app, the home page will be divided into three main sections: Political Movement, Feature Page, Friends, and other choices, which will be listed based on what has been previously selected. The feature ‘Movement Button’ is where users should go if they wish to participate in more movements under the personal, general, private, and trending categories. 

ReelTalk also boasts a unique functionality, the interactive map. Unlike typical check-in features in other social media apps, Friends on ReelTalk have visibility of each other’s real-time locations if they choose to be visible on the app. Moreover, after the user selects a category filter to narrow down their search, for example, “Coronavirus,” users may find a news article about that filter after clicking the icon on the map. In another example, if a firearm icon can be seen on the map, they may find out about a violent incident that occurred in the location in the last 24 hours. You can take a closer look at how the app works by watching the demo here.

ReelTalk wants to expand its reach across the globe and continue taking the lead in upholding healthy dialogue and community-building between individuals. To know more about ReelTalk and how you can join your supported social movements, visit their Instagram and official website, realtalkapp.com.