Real Estate Global Pioneer Glen Coutinho’s Secret to Success at Harcourts Beverly Hills Auctions

My first key to success was finding great partners to grow the Harcourts business in Los Angeles. Partners Alex Duk, Deanna D’Egidio, Krystle & Laurent Bijaoui have all been featured in the Top 10 Agents at Harcourts USA with the recent addition to the partnership his daughter Brooke Coutinho of whom has worked alongside him for the last 8 years. The auction market in Los Angeles is growing fast with head auctioneer at Harcourts Auctions Ben Brady. 

Working as a real estate agent is never easy; every day, there is a fresh wave of clients with different personalities and interests coming around the office. Dealing with multiple people of contrasting temperaments can be draining, but not for a people lover like Glen Coutinho who travelled across the globe with his family to launch his sons music careers, Mason & Julez (currently 15 & 13) who are releasing an album shortly with Left Lane Entertainment; Calvin Valrie & Poon, working alongside clothing designer Kimball Lynch, grammy award winning producer Larrance Dopson (1500 or nothin) & songwriter Ant Clemons. 

Glen carries multiple titles in real estate. He is an auctioneer, director, and agent with about 35 years of experience. A global pioneer in real estate, Glen is considered as the consummate professional in the industry, with a reputation for producing top-notch customer service and continuing in succeeding expectations.

With multiple awards and achievements under his name, many would wonder the extent of Glen’s talents and capabilities. While it is true that Glen is exceptionally skilled, Glen would argue that one of his finest and best assets is being a people lover.  This success has flowed to his partners Alex, Deanna, Krystle, Laurent & Brooke who have now received multiple awards in real estate. 

What does being a people lover entails? For Glen, he loves meeting people of all types and working on building relationships and friendships in real estate that lasts. From his very first client to his newest, Glen keeps in touch and meticulously remembers every important detail, from special interests to achievements. Even for the people who went on to other agents, Glen would send them flowers or sweet notes.

The first thought that comes to Glen’s mind whenever he wakes up in the morning is, “What can I do today or make someone else’s day?” And, knowing the importance of following through, Glen makes sure to deliver every promise or expectation made. Glen also makes sure to treat everyone equally, not discriminating cleaners from millionaires.

Real estate is known to be a “rejection game,” but Glen is aware that the bigger picture and long game are more important than the immediate sting of denial. Short-sightedness has no room in Glen’s outlook; although Glen has lost the deal, he can always create a lifelong friend and client.


Immensely capable and proficient in his field, Glen uses his skills in marketing, customer service, mentoring, and people skills to further help his clients. Through his people-loving philosophy, a wide array of expertise, and hard work, Glen has rightfully earned his position at one of the top spots in the real estate industry.

In 2019, Glen sold more than $340 million worth of property. Within the last three years, Glen has sold more than $1 billion worth of transactions. His people-loving approach has earned him a name as an industry influencer by Elite Agent as a champion of customer service.

All of his mindset and prosperity has been achieved through learning how to flick the metaphorical switch in Glen’s life to become a better person. By starting with himself, Glen became his best version that allows him to develop important mentalities and abilities. 

With this, Glen is able to help and assist people to the best that he can, as well as expanding and leading his company to success.

Glen hopes to motivate the people who have crossed his life, be it through personal contact or just reading about his journey, to pursue their dreams, flick their switches, and become the best versions of themselves.

Connect with Glen on his Instagram as well as the Harcourts Beverly Hills Instagram account.