Putting People First: Ryan Kearns Continues to Provide Opportunities During These Trying Times

In a time when the financial sector is at an impasse, people start to brace themselves for the much-dreaded effect of a moribund economy. That is, losing the ability to provide meals on their tables. The pandemic has negatively impacted various companies, which resultantly forced some of them to close down. The gravity of the companies’ misfortunes inevitably rippled through their workforce, leaving them afraid and without jobs.

As the numbers for the unemployed continue to increase, some businesses refuse to stay idle. And with a mind that exudes resilience and grit, Ryan Kearns took it upon himself to shudder the brilliance within him and help alleviate the people’s struggles amid these trying times.

Ryan Kearns, who is known for his heart of gold, has gained recognition for his noble pursuits towards helping people. Unlike other ambitious individuals, Ryan defines success as having the power to transform the world into a better place. With this ingrained in his mind, Ryan set out to create avenues that would open more doors of opportunities for people.

Born and bred with the values of resilience, compassion, and benevolence, Ryan owes his present virtuous stance to his late father. Although his father’s death was ill-fated, he left with Ryan a pair of large-sized shoes to fill when he passed away. But Ryan gladly wore it with fervent eyes and continued his father’s legacy – running Steve-O’s Last Wish. 

However, Ryan’s noble sense of purpose did not start when his father died. It began when Ryan was still at a young age. When he graduated from high school in the 1970s, his goals were already set in stone. While others’ goals in life depend on the money that they would make, Ryan’s aspirations are more massive than coinages and banknotes. His mission was to harness the ability to provide jobs for the people around him.

Clothed with a zeal to improve the lives of many, Ryan worked hard to get to where he wanted to be. When the time came that he was given the power to provide job opportunities, he was able to assist more people than he could have ever dreamt of. The vigor in helping revitalized him, so he set out to build more avenues that were completely aligned with his vision.

Inspired by his father and grandfather, he became an entrepreneur in 2015, and launched  two companies designed to prioritize people and their most pressing needs – Fly Low Inc. and Auto Dent Company.

Fly Low Inc. is a company that specializes in customer acquisition and brand recognition for local businesses throughout the United States. On the other hand, Auto Dent Company is a fully licensed and insured auto dent repair company that concentrates on repairing the car’s seemingly irreversible body damage. While these companies are built to assist small businesses and repair car problems, respectively, it is in these companies’ ability to provide jobs for people that fuels Ryan the most. Especially with the threat of the ongoing health crisis, Ryan is more motivated to keep his businesses afloat.

What Ryan has achieved throughout his life has proven that anything can happen if one makes it happen. With everything that he has done for the sake of humanity amidst the pandemic, he wishes to serve as an inspiration for like-minded individuals to follow suit and help spark change despite the challenges.

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