Providing Care and Assistance Like Any Other Family Member Would with Elite Home Care Solutions

Caring for the elderly has become an increasing need in America as younger people are fewer and fewer in numbers and have become more focused in their careers.

After they leave their homes and become independent, their parents are the ones who will do all the household work alone. As they grow older, they have become less capable of accomplishing their tasks and have become more susceptible to mobility-limiting disorders. That is why home care workers are essential at this age.

A few people are willing to offer themselves to care for the aged and frail, and Jesse Epps III is one of those few who would really care for them. Jesse, raised within the DC area, is the owner of Elite Home Care Solutions. He is a firm believer in taking care and serving people as they go through their later stages, as it gives him a feeling of fulfillment that brings lasting memories.

Jesse established Elite Home Care Solutions in 2015 and dedicated himself to provide comprehensive services by performing consistent quality care and compassion to the elderly. This quality of service coincides with his staff that is equipped with the highest qualifications to perform their tasks. So far, they have been able to support and sustain the well-being of families in the comfort of their homes. 

Elite Home Care Solutions provides personal care to the elderly, whether they need grooming, bathing, moving around the house, or assisting in needing functions such as eating or going to the toilet. They do companion care as well for people who want to be supported physically, mentally, or emotionally so that they do not feel lonely. They assist in everyday tasks such as running errands, socializing, and exercising.

Part of their service is homemaking, which includes housekeeping, home cleaning, and meal preparation. Their staff administers the medicines and takes care of transportation to other places of the patient. Special care and assistance are given to patients who have Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and even war veterans.

As their company name suggests, they genuinely care about each one of their clients, and for this, they have rated 4.9 stars in Google. They view the frail and the elderly not just as patients, but as a family, so they deliver the care that they yearn for any other family member. Jesse believes that the only thing that separates comparable businesses is that he views his undertaking as a ministry and not just business. He wants to have a positive impact on their lives as he helps them. After all, the elderly are not just another number in the statistics. This engagement gives him a lot of satisfaction as he sees them smile for their unwavering service.

Life is precious, and it is full of trials and tribulations. This experience allows people to utilize their strengths, skills, and ability to achieve their real purpose. This adage is what Jesse Epps III believes in, and what gives him the power to do good in serving the frail and the aged. With Elite Home Care Solutions, Jesse hopes that utmost care is given, and the number one priority of quality service is consistently met.

Elite Home Care Solutions is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you and to address your needs. Their offices are located in Maryland and Alabama. Browse through their website and explore further on the services they offer. Follow them also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter