Professional and Personal Success Is Only Possible with Natural Health Investment, Says Supplement Expert A.D. Dolphin

More people than ever before are researching new ways to stay healthy and fit at home, even in the midst of COVID-19. Without the same hustle and bustle outside, or access to the stores we once had, individuals are wondering how they can safeguard their personal health while also investing in themselves, their families, and their businesses. The new normal may come with some challenges, but holistic and natural health investment is still entirely possible, says supplemental expert A.D. Dolphin.

Known as the leading, online herbal supplement powerhouse creator following the launch of his 2011 Dherbs, Inc. platform, Dolphin has managed his decade of success by growing the platform into a multi-million-dollar empire. Through his holistic and natural health philosophy and vision, millions of Americans have committed themselves to complete health transformations through vegan, non-GMO, and purely developed supplements.

“I always knew I’d be an entrepreneur. Every person in my family has dreamed of owning their own business, which is why I knew I’d be no different,” said Dolphin. “By combining my unique experience as a health and wellness guru, as well as my passion for helping others, I was able to create a holistic and natural business platform that has grown into something magical.” 

Destined for Entrepreneurial Greatness

Dolphin is the grandson of the late music mogul John Dolphin, inspiring him to grow up and do something to change the world. Dolphin, before arriving at Dherbs, networked his way into real estate and music, testing out different short-lived ventures while he honed in on his innate passions. With his Full Body Cleanse supplement product launch following the founding of Dherbs, which is still the company’s #1 supplement, Dolphin realized he had the power to change lives everywhere.

Today, Dherbs boasts 100% natural capsules that are premium vegan blends with no fillers, binders, or additives of any sorts. All Dherbs supplements are made up of 100% herbs, providing the body with natural rejuvenation, revitalization, and anti-oxidant cleansing that opens bodily systems back up to vitamins and minerals.

“Using the Full Body Cleanse, I was able to kick my soda addiction at the time. I was living, breathing proof that this kind of supplement worked,” said Dolphin. “Additionally, I felt an increase in energy, improved sleep, weight loss, and a greater sense of clarity. Our bodies are filled with the toxins and chemicals that exist in our food and products today. We need to give our bodies a chance to flush out the chemicals and replace them with natural, vegan vitamins and minerals.”

Health for the Masses

Having centered himself as the health and supplement guru over the years, Dolphin has made appearances on television programs like The Steve Harvey Show, The Doctors, Page Six, and Dish Nation. Demonstrating to people everywhere that the body can heal itself with the right fuel, Dolphin is passionate about providing advice on healthy living, philosophy, and mindsets. 

“Prior to this year, 77% of Americans took supplements. As people look for ways to stay healthy at home, that number is expected to swell by the end of 2020,” said Dolphin. “I am proud to be part of that change.”

Lastly, due to COVID-19 concerns and social distancing, Dherbs is now carrying an immune boosting blend to help individuals fortify their body’s natural response abilities. For more information, or to learn more today, visit their website