Priscilla Jankans: From Nurse to CEO and Entrepreneur

Nurses are some of the most dedicated people one can encounter. They provide care for so many people, day in and day out. Their work is challenging but fulfilling. But sometimes, they feel the need to impact lives in a different way. Priscilla Jankans is one such nurse. After several years of working as an ICU nurse, she is now a successful entrepreneur with over 200 employees.

Priscilla Jankans became the youngest registered nurse in her graduating class at 20 years old. A year later, she was an open heart ICU Registered Nurse in one of the country’s biggest hospitals. Eventually, she worked as a Nurse Executive. After several years, she found herself feeling dissatisfied with how she earned a living. She decided to leave her job and start a business.

In 2016, Priscilla Jankans founded L.A. Nursing Services, a traveling medical staffing agency that works with hospitals to provide supplemental nurses and other healthcare professionals who are highly qualified and certified in different specializations. To date, L.A. Nursing Services employs over 240 doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical staff. The company can provide placement in various hospitals or healthcare facilities in Los Angeles.

Priscilla Jankans did not stop at establishing one company. In 2019, she founded NursepreCEO, a business consulting and coaching agency. She wanted to provide training and resources to other nurses who want to transition into entrepreneurship. Still, one doesn’t have to be a nurse or work in the medical field to avail of NurseproCEO courses. Anyone looking to start a business can avail of her courses. Priscilla specializes in business development training and strategic coaching. She is currently looking to sponsor 100 aspiring entrepreneurs, where she will give them NurseproCEO webinars and courses free of charge. She also provides each student with one-on-one consultations to give them more personalized advice. 

Recently, Priscilla Jankans established Nurses for George, a 501c Non-profit Organizational charity. Nurses for George seek to dismantle structural racism in the educational, economic, and healthcare system, perpetuating healthcare disparities within communities. This non-profit also provides free services and resources in various underserved communities in L.A. County. They provide food, clothing, and monetary donations. The non-profit also has patient care representatives available to assist anyone in need of healthcare navigate the system.

Priscilla may have left nursing to pursue entrepreneurship, but she is still helping a large number of people through her businesses and non-profit organization. With L.A. Nursing Services, she provides nurses and other healthcare professionals with an environment where they can control the assignments and work they take on. The health care facilities they work with can also be assured that they hire highly skilled and competent professionals in their fields. This CEO is also dedicated to helping people start their entrepreneurial journey by providing them with tools and courses at NurseproCEO. Through her expert coaching, she helps people achieve financial growth and independence. With all the success she has achieved, Priscilla Jankans does not forget to give back to the community. Her work with Nurses for George has had a positive impact on many underserved communities in Los Angeles.

This powerhouse of a woman is a CEO with a heart. Priscilla Jankans continues to serve and help even after leaving a healthcare profession.

To learn more about Priscilla Jankans, you may visit her website.