PickupAlpha Provides Dating Solutions for the Modern Bachelor

The dating world is a fierce jungle. While some men have succeeded in their search for companionship, there are still bachelors out there who need a little nudge. Whether they are too busy with their careers and business or have zero background in interacting with women, Michael K. of PickupAlpha sets out to help single men in their dating lives. 

The company focuses on launching bachelors looking into self-development and improving their interactions with women by meeting them in person, online, or through a social circle. After being in the game for over ten years and interacting with more than 30,000 people across the globe, Michael is an expert in breaking down social dynamics and dating principles that would ensure success for any man, regardless of ethnicity and demographics. 

PickupAlpha offers a wide range of services that would cater to the needs of its diverse clientele. First, the company has a standard boot camp, a weekend program where clients fly straight to Las Vegas, a city where women from all over the world flock. Michael starts the program with a classroom session and ends with practical applications.

Secondly, PickupAlpha offers an immersion program where clients live with Michael in Vegas for a week up to a month. The process allows the bachelors to explore the city every night. “This significantly accelerates their learning curve and they get rid of social anxiety,” Michael said. 

For clients who can’t fly out to Vegas, PickupAlpha employs a comprehensive Skype coaching program where clients meet with Michael at a regular interval. The dating coach gives them tangible steps and homework on how to land dates. Michael also closely monitors their progress in every step.

Lastly, PickupAlpha also extends its expertise through a premium video program called Instaconnection.tv, a platform where clients get new content on dating on a monthly subscription. “Some videos talk about core concepts and theory on what builds attraction, how to never run out of things to say, how to be comfortable in all situations, how to get physical, how not to be needy,” Michael said. Other content in the program includes a wide variety of filmed real-life situations and locations.

Michael is also one of the few dating coaches who equip clients with wireless microphones and records their interactions. By doing so, Michael can review their encounters later or provide real-time feedback while the date is happening on-site. The dating coach is genuinely the upgraded wingman every bachelor needs to ace their dates and become the perfect gentlemen.

Michael relates to most of his clients on PickupAlpha. Michael refers to himself as a book nerd growing up and was raised by traditional Asian parents. While he excelled in academics, the dating coach has minimal skills when it comes to interacting with women. Today, most of his clients are college-educated and excel in their careers and dominate their chosen fields of business. They fly from Europe, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world to work with PickupAlpha.

On top of his dating expertise, Michael is also a talented photographer and a social media influencer. He helps men improve their A-game by taking stunning and irresistible photos for their Tinder profiles. Vegas Tinder Photography is a company that improves the overall image of bachelors, ensuring that their profile photos reflect their personalities and lifestyle. Michael also manages one of the longest-running channels on Youtube, Squattincassanova and PickupAlpha. He has over 300 videos and combined views of over 15 million and almost 100,000 subscribers on both channels. 

Michael and PickupAlpha focus on being a well-rounded and reliable partner every bachelor needs to improve their dating lives. As the dating coach said, no one can learn the dynamics of social interaction by reading books. One needs to get out there and make things happen. Being a heavy investor, Michael makes sure that every man he works with gets the woman of his dreams. 

To learn more about PickupAlpha, visit their website and YouTube channel.