Patent-Pending StylusCase X Provides Phone Users With Comfort, Protection, and a Chance to Experience a Note Phone

When mobile phones became more accessible, people went crazy searching for a phone that functioned for their convenience and had a look that suited their liking. Fast-forward to today, and we see that phone designs are much more limited, often leaning towards a single, monochromatic color. However, people can shake up their phones thanks to the likes of phone cases. StylusCase X is among the many companies that have dedicated themselves to helping others spice up their phones’ aesthetic.

While it may seem like StylusCase X is a new brand, they’ve actually been in the electronics business for four years. This year they decided to take a different route outside of their usual products and create a design patent for their phone case line. The company founder, Niko Ostoik, developed a case that could do more than just stand out and please the eyes. He and his team came up with a phone case that could allow people to keep their stylus pens with them everywhere they went.

StylusCase X offers a phone case that boasts a fantastic design that’s been proven to provide hands holding it with comfort that’s unlike any other. Even more impressive is how the case doubles the phone’s protection. Other companies that produce phone cases often boast about protection, but the stylus compartment of the case offers extra room on the back that can certainly soften the blow if people accidentally drop their phones. Surprisingly, the double protection was a serendipitous discovery to the team themselves. 

The case was specifically designed to work with any touch screen, be it Apple or Android phones. StylusCase X offers an advantage over others. They give people the option to optimize the user interface with their phones, making it easier for daily use, editing, gaming, and especially the coloring apps. 

StylusCase X is the first case on the market that provides a comfortable grip and a built-in stylus. Their design allows anyone to turn their phone into a note phone, a feature that is primarily for older people who love using the stylus for dialing on the keypad. StylusCase X simplifies the interaction with mobile phones with the convenience of the stylus.

The phone case would be available in four colors for now. People have the option to choose between a sleek black, lively green, strawberry pink, and wild red color. The case has a giant X in the back where they can find the stylus and cushion for falls.

The design is still patent-pending, but Niko and his team are enthusiastic about the phone cases’ outlook as they’ve done careful research to make sure that they are the pioneering brand to come up with such a design. No one is more enthusiastic than Niko as he looks forward to sharing his company’s design with the world.

To get a good idea of what StylusCase X has to offer, you may view their commercial on YouTube. They also have a website (which they’re currently working on) and an active Instagram page for more updates.