Papercut Dreams Turning College Dreams into Paperback Reality

Technology has fast-tracked the magazine publishing process. Nowadays, all it takes is an excellent digital camera and a laptop with decent specs to create a fully-pressed publication. But the heart and soul of any magazine is the content. When you have good content, audiences will flock to your issues. 

Alonzo Gordon, the founder of Papercut Dreams, understands this reality and has taken full advantage of the opportunity the digital age has given him and many other content creators. What was once a dorm-room project has now turned into an influential magazine. Papercut Dreams inspires students and youth all over. 

A photographer turned entrepreneur, Alonzo knows what it takes to run a successful business. He’s had extensive experience in starting and growing ventures and exposed to other more specialized areas of business, such as tax preparation, credit building, hotel management, and other roles. All this comes from his hustle and entrepreneurial drive to keep building something for himself and others. 

Alonzo’s story speaks of his triumph over trials. He spent considerable time facing great deals of challenges thrown his way. He battled with poverty, even to the point that he experienced homelessness. Despite all the roadblocks he encountered, Alonzo found a way to persevere and was able to make ends meet. His other great accomplishment was completing his education at Buffalo State College, where he finished with a bachelor of science degree in business management. 

A military brat, Alonzo’s life wasn’t easy. There was little stability for him as he was continually moving around and often without a father figure. But he used these experiences to teach him valuable lessons that turned him into a real entrepreneurial machine. Alonzo has launched many successful business ventures. One of his most successful businesses is his magazine, Papercut Dreams

Papercut Dreams Magazine is a platform built with the youth in mind. Many paperback magazines today cater to more professionals and middle-aged readers. Papercut Dreams brings back the beauty of the print magazine experience for students to enjoy once again. The magazine is also the only publication around that does not charge influencers, models, and artists to get featured on an issue. Alonzo has even turned Papercut Dreams into a revenue stream for up-and-coming artists by giving them a percentage off sales.

With his magazine, Alonzo seeks only to change the lives of as many people as he possibly can. The publication is now one of the most sought after periodicals among college students. The magazine mostly features stories and articles on college and student life and commits a few pages to give new artists, models, and influencers a chance to speak to their audiences. Papercut Dream’s highly relevant and engaging content has readers coming back for more every time.

Alonzo is currently a one-person publishing company. He takes charge of all the photoshoots, images, and bio write-ups. Alonzo is the head photographer, layout artists, and editor-in-chief for Papercut Dreams. He hopes that as the magazine continues to pick up in terms of print sales, he’ll be able to scale Papercut Dreams into a full publishing house.

To learn more about Alonzo Gordon and Papercut Dreams, visit the entrepreneur’s Instagram and Papercut Dream’s MagCloud page.