Overcoming Roadblocks and Achieving Success: A Tip From Nick Nwoke

Sometimes success hides behind a couple of roadblocks before a person reaches its pinnacle. While some see this as a cumbersome journey, others, imbued with resilience and a drive to succeed,  understand and accept the temporary nature of these so-called barriers on along the journey. In other words, greatness lies in the hands of those who value patience and perseverance.

With diligence inculcated to his very core, Nick Nwoke is a physical attestation of how being a patient and hardworking individual is the epitome of someone great.

Highly regarded as a business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs, Nick has helped numerous individuals learn the ropes behind running an online business. With a knack for serving others, Nick and his wife, Stephanie, go out on a limb to provide their associates with  clear-cut paths and strategies towards achieving their goals in business.

But before coaching and helping others,  Nick walked in the footsteps of being a mentee and young entrepreneur. He and his wife, Stephanie, attended (and still do) countless business events. They have spent hours learning about being business through audios books and gameplans with their own coaches and mentors.  It was this dedication to self-development and building meaningful relationships that allowed them to become full-time business owners at the age of 20 a year or so after they started their own online business. 

Ironically, Nick began his career as a young student in a pre-medicine track who aspired to become a physician-scientist. He worked hard on building his skills non-stop to equip himself for the future in that industry. Nick was able to compile an extensive portfolio of everything he has achieved, including studies that he conducted in well-known institutions such as the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, Temple Medical School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research in Seattle Washington, and Merck Pharmaceuticals in West Point, Pennsylvania. Evidently, Nick has a lot of spunk; the kind that could have  left remarkable footmarks in any industry. But deep in him was the heart of an entrepreneur. Today he is living his purpose by helping others the entrepreneur in them. 

Together with his wife, he has created a platform that is not only goal-driven but also people-oriented. That is why in every facet of their teachings, the people element is of paramount importance. For without considering the complexities of human beings (like why people switch careers or what makes people tick),  their platform would whither.

As a person who shifted his career from being a medical extraordinaire to a business tycoon, Nick’s life exemplifies how success does not entail a straight path. Instead, it is a hike of detours and different landscapes. Walking and conquering the hike continuously ( not the hike itself)  is where victory emanates from.

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