Options Trading: A Pathway to New Opportunities During the COVID-19 Restrictions

 Jason Lee, founder & CEO of OptionsSwing Inc. 

The past few months have been beyond challenging in many aspects, and these challenges are far from over. As the pandemic health crisis and shutdown made its unwelcome entrance, people were forced indoors, halting the workflow of many businesses. Left to work from home – or possibly not working at all if they were ill or had lost their jobs – many people scrambled to learn the new work-life rules. 

Pathways to new opportunities. 

Suffering businesses and financial hardship are undeniable products of the pandemic. Yet, for all the despair and upheaval it has caused, in many aspects, COVID-19 created pathways to new opportunities. For many, this crisis became a time of rediscovery. Most people have more time to think and evaluate their lives, which has created new challenges, but also new adventures. For most people, the restructuring of their work-life continues to be an ongoing process. 

With more time available, many people are looking for ways to establish a second income – or a side-hustle, to use a popular term. One answer to the second income issue is the markets. Swing trading, day trading, position sizing – it’s all a foreign language to many people. But with time on their hands and a willingness to learn, OptionsSwing, an educational options trading community, can help. 

Education first, profit second. 

Taking an “education first, profit second” approach is always the best route for any new business venture where your cold, hard cash is at stake. This is how OptionsSwing was developed – out of the desire to provide practical stock trading and investing tips anyone can understand and use. Using the live markets as a classroom, OptionsSwing’s eight, experienced traders offer useful information, so everyday people learn to maneuver the markets. Everyone in the company actively working on trade information, with the public, is an experienced options trader with a wealth of knowledge to share. It’s not advice or merely taking someone’s money and investing it for them. It’s a process of teaching people enough about the market functions, so they can make informed decisions. 

The mission. 

OptionsSwing is one of the fastest-growing educational options trading communities, and the bulk of its popularity has occurred since the pandemic’s arrival. The real draw to the company and its services is the mission. OptionsSwing offers numerous free resources for trading enthusiasts on their website and Instagram page. Many of these resources are geared towards people with very little or no knowledge or experience in trading. The company’s primary goal has never been focused on making money. The goal is education for all who want to learn more about the markets. 

Positive impact. 

What’s the outcome of OptionsSwing’s efforts? Even though the company and services were available before the onset of the pandemic, OptionsSwing has received a boost in popularity due to the shutdown. Although OptionsSwing offers a wealth of free information and resources, the community of paid subscribers has grown considerably to over 2,000, with nearly 100 new subscribers per week in recent weeks. 

People are interested in the potential of trading, and once they discover the resources OptionsSwing has to offer, they stick with their commitment to learning. As a result, the impact on the markets has also been positive. With more people learning the process and dipping their toes into trading, a whole new generation of investors is being groomed. More people investing, equals more market stimulation, which usually has a positive outcome. 

Getting started. 

However, trading is always shrouded with uncertainty. It’s the fear of “losing it all” that prevents people from catching the trading bug in the first place. It is always good practice to use disposable income for investing. However, in these financially straining times, more people are finding their income has already been “disposed of.” So, maybe jumping right in and investing is not a great idea right now. But you can educate yourself. Learn the terms and trends. Make mock trades and see if the information you are learning is giving you spot-on instincts. These are worthwhile activities to engage your mind and pass some time while COVID-19 restrictions are still in place. 

So, where can you start getting the information you need to put some legs under your new adventure? OptionsSwing has partnered with Everyday Growth Advisors to provide weekly premarket live streams on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These live-streams cover everything from premarket news, watchlists, Topics of the Day, and open Question and Answer for any viewer, and they are FREE! Yes, FREE for everyone. All you need to do is subscribe to Everyday Growth Advisors! More information can be found on the OptionsSwing website. 

In summary, a little education can’t hurt. 

If going into month number eight of COVID-19 restrictions has you feeling a little blue, maybe you need a new activity to pass the time. The team of experienced options traders at OptionsSwing is ready and willing to get you acclimated to the world of options trading. By following the “education first, profit second” motto, you can gain some real insight into the markets. The traders at OptionsSwing cannot guarantee your trading performance, but they will guarantee a little education can’t hurt. There’s a really common phrase that goes “First you learn, then you earn” and the folks at OptionsSwing take that to heart. The staff and community really aim to help elevate everyone’s game by teaching them the concepts that matter most.

Check out OptionsSwing’s Insta page for more information.