Nyoobe App Is at the Forefront of Referral Marketing

Customers always influence the overall business strategy. As more companies shift towards consumer analytics to tailor fit their marketing strategies, there is only one effective method that never goes out of style: the power of word of mouth.

Obtaining new customers is hard and tricky, but with the concept of referrals, businesses have succeeded in converting the new to becoming their loyal customers. As a proven marketing strategy, however, most customers are not rewarded for their referrals. To bridge this gap, ‘Nyoobe’ is making referrals simple by allowing customers to become strategic partners of businesses.

Founded in 2017 by real estate broker and consultant, Derek Tippins, Nyoobe is a universal referral mobile application that enables anyone to refer to a product or service, anywhere. In the mission of making referrals simple, it addresses the complicated, expensive, one customer at a time method that requires upfront payment for referral services or referral campaign management.

With a proven management and development team, the company envisions to be the leader in referral marketing that captures 1% of all digital retail sales. Also, to launch in Asia and Europe with 1 million downloads across iOS and Android by 2021.

Nyoobe has a centralized platform that is expected to transform the industry through a simple interface and comprehensive back-office analytical capabilities. With the app, creating referral marketing campaigns is exponentially growing the business by inviting the customers to share their experiences, generate interests, and recommend to their friends.

Through the increasing word of mouth, Nyoobe enables businesses to reward loyal customers who contribute to driving new customers. It allows the authentication of new customers by verifying based on a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase to redeem the referral. Furthermore, businesses will pay for new customers only after they have made their first purchase. Indeed, a win-win partnership for businesses since there are no upfront advertisement fees.

Like any sales-driven technology, the app monitors growth through an online dashboard that tracks referrals, payments, and sales activity. As more people are geared towards making referrals for restaurants, hair salons, car dealers, clothing retailers, Nyoobe is designed for all types of businesses in the quest for new customers.

Nyoobe is set to revolutionize referral marketing through an innovative approach that rewards everyone involved in the conversion of a new customer. Businesses do not have to pay for any costs of the app and membership, only through a valid first purchase transaction.

Recently, Nyoobe launched a crowdfunding campaign with Wefunder. As a start-up company, the goal is to reach out to the people and open the opportunity to invest in the app. Through their campaign, the support for Nyoobe is bound to connect more businesses and customers into the referral marketing strategy.

As customers become strategic partners of businesses nowadays, rewarding them is the key to success. Nyoobe’s concept of referral marketing is bringing customer value at the forefront of acquiring new potential customers. As their referral system is customer-driven, all businesses can benefit from its potential growth.

For more information about Nyoobe, visit its website and Instagram.