Norwegian-American Millionaire Becomes Influencer With His Vedal Media Enterprise

Sigurd Vedal is best described as a Norwegian-American self-made millionaire and entrepreneur. His holding company, Vedal Holding Group, is a multimillion-euro company that is growing every year. He also owns several other international businesses which are growing successes too.

Vedal didn’t come from a rich family who guided him throughout his life. He had to learn everything about business and entrepreneurship on his own. Unfortunately, he had a lot of early setbacks along the way. His happiness in life was challenged by a series of negative events that happened to him.

While working a day job like everybody else, Vedal was also working on a business of his own at night. This was a music studio business which produced music for aspiring performers. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it turned out to be a failure. The company went bankrupt, and he lost his initial investment in it.

To make matters worse, Vedal no longer had his day job after he got fired from it. This was apparently too much for his girlfriend to handle, so she dumped him as a result. Vedal was left with no money, job, or girlfriend. Losing his girlfriend was even more painful than losing his job and business. It was certainly a challenging time which taught him a lot about what matters most in this world.

Vedal now uses his time and financial resources to help people that are in underdeveloped countries like India and many nations in Africa. Since they have fewer resources and support than people do in the United States and Western Europe, Vedal wants to bring them the tools, education, and resources they need to do better in their lives and find happiness.

The most successful entrepreneurs in this world are born and based in the United States. The reason for this has to do with all the resources available to aspiring entrepreneurs that want to start new businesses. They can receive coaching, education, and even startup capital for their businesses. People in underdeveloped countries have no access to any of these resources.

For this reason, Vedal is using his own financial resources to give these impoverished people a chance to rise from the shadows and make their dreams come true. Everyone has a passion or idea in which they can turn into a business and make a success out of it. Vedal wants the people of these countries to realize their passion and make it thrive in the business world.

Of course, Vedal is knowledgeable in a lot more things besides entrepreneurship and making money. He is also a couple’s counselor, relationship expert, and life coach as well. These things basically coincide with his entrepreneurial coaching because they all revolve around achieving happiness. It is his goal for everyone in the world to find happiness through achieving success in passion, love, health, and finances.

Could Vedal become the next Tony Robbins of the business and relationship worlds? Although this is not his goal, Vedal does welcome the opportunity to help people lead happier lives in any way he can. If it means becoming a motivational speaker to do it, then so be it.