Nora Lee by Brandt Ricca Is Capturing the Authenticity of Businesses and Brands Through Creative Shoots

As the digital age advances further, more businesses are stepping up their marketing strategy by utilizing different media platforms, such as social media. Social media as a good avenue for marketing; however, some are unaware of how to utilize it effectively.

This need for experts in digital marketing to maximize the reach of businesses opened opportunities for marketing companies. There is a fast rise in marketing companies with promises that are often too good to be true; hence, one must stand out for it to flourish. Simply put, modern marketing should be a product of thinking outside the box for it to succeed. 

A vital element in successful marketing is proper branding and representation, which are usually caused by giving good visuals. Proper representation is of utmost importance for a company or a brand to be known because, as people say, first impressions last. During these times, when people spend more time online, companies and businesses want to make sure that they will leave a good mark through effective marketing. What makes visuals stand out is its authenticity and uniqueness, which is the goal of Nora Lee, a creative marketing agency founded by Brandt Ricca. 

Brandt was born in Gonzales, LA, but in 2011 he moved to Washington D.C. for a job from Tappahannock, VA. He gathered a lot of experience in marketing and events since this was what he did not only for a living but also as volunteer work. In 2018, Brandt decided to start his own company and named it after his Louisiana socialite grandmother, who was also a business owner, Nora Lee. The company started as an events company and then in 2019 Brandt was bored with images used for the company’s blog and launched creative photography as a service as well.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone needs to stay at home and prioritize safety. Some may be enjoying their time watching Netflix and spending time on new hobbies, while others are lost as their dreams are out to a pause. Brandt made use of his time to carefully evaluate the company and think of ways on how they can improve. He acknowledged the fact that in modern marketing, the use of templates is slowly shifting to producing original content. The attitude of continually doing their best to improve and their openness to new knowledge and techniques ensure their present and future clients that they will have their brand accurately depicted in their marketing materials. With all of that being said, recently Nora Lee by Brandt Ricca has pivoted to a full-time creative marketing agency, with events no longer a focus.

In line with this, Nora Lee aims to capture and depict the identity of their clients in every photo they take. Their team knows the importance of having excellent visuals, and they are determined to create high-quality ones. Sometimes, the genuineness of a photo is lost due to over manipulation or being too extra. What Nora Lee does is they get to know a client as if it was a date. For them, knowing the client on a personal level will help them create photos that are authentic and adequately represented. 

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