NINA MONA: Maximizing Potential Through Dressing Up

Imagine going to a store, finding specific apparel, and falling in love with it, only to leave disappointed in the end because that store did not carry a specific size. And upon moving on to other stores, you also find out that most of them do not have anything in your size at all. While it seems like just an everyday inconvenience, the reality is that many people go home afterwards with the feeling of defeat or loss. This feeds into a larger problem with mental health regarding body image and self-esteem.

NINA MONA is a fashion brand on a mission to maximize the potential of people by ensuring that anyone can feel attractive in the clothes they wear. Feeling unattractive can hamper one from bringing out their best selves, and having appealing clothes that are aesthetic and well-fitting is essential to a person’s confidence in their day-to-day living. Combining beauty and comfort, as well as pushing against traditional sizing and aesthetic norms, the clothing apparel they provide for all sizes and all genders have helped numerous people feel confident even on their off days.

Emphasizing the beauty of collaboration and innovation, as well as mutual growth with their partners, they create custom outfits as necessary to empower and uplift other artists and entrepreneurs. Through their work, they are able to provide opportunities for artists who may not have gotten the chance to share their talents with the world. They bring the dreams and visions of artists and designers to life through their collaborations. By building a community of people with corresponding missions and ideals, NINA MONA strives to create opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs alike to prosper together.

NINA MONA believes that the only real competition of art is the ego. The only thing limiting an artist’s creative potential is neither an entity nor a physical hurdle, but their own thoughts and emotions. Many may feel intimidated in starting small, in fear that industry giants will eat them up. Still, that fear of competition is the greatest enemy of growth. In art, there is no need for everything to be a win or loss scenario. Dreamers are able to channel the energies of other dreamers, building up positive relationships together and ultimately culminating into bringing out the fullest potential each of them possesses.

Created by Vietnamese-American Michael Nguyen, this brand aspires to become a source of positive energy for those who experience body image issues. People perform their best when they feel their best, and by dressing them up into the aesthetic, they remind people of their capability to conquer the world and achieve anything they put their mind into. 

The fashion industry typically dictates the trends for what should be worn, but NINA MONA goes against the grain by believing that regardless of running trends, a person should be able to decide the best kind of outfits that will bring out the best in them

There is nothing better than getting into a unique outfit, feeling like your best self, and feeling like you can take whatever challenge life throws your way. Find out more about NINA MONA and their collaborations with numerous artists by visiting their website.