Nicole Brown Advances Black Culture Into Mainstream Media Through Inclusive Lifestyle Brand

Upon realizing how Black women and girls lack representation in the digital and e-commerce space, Nicole Brown took it upon herself to build a brand that would amplify her culture into mainstream platforms. Nicole is the brains behind Izzy & Liv, “a thriving lifestyle brand that celebrates the culture, confidence, and soul of Black women.”

Nicole Brown is dedicated to putting Black women at the forefront to fill the void in the market. Izzy & Liv carries a line of graphic shirts, jewelry, bags, and everyday household items made to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of every Black woman across the country and the world. The brand’s apparel is known for showcasing attractive, colorful prints deeply rooted in Black culture and history. 

As a mother to four including two beautiful daughters, Isabel and Olivia, Nicole Brown strives to create a better, more inclusive future for her community. “We pride ourselves on being a hub for authentic Black women representation as a first thought and not an afterthought,” shared the CEO. “As a company, Izzy & Liv wants our customers to feel like they matter,” she added.

Nicole Brown knew the unconscious effect of the lack of Black representation in the media could have on young girls. Having witnessed a particular standard of beauty, the CEO knew how the absence of their narrative in mainstream media affects the confidence of Black girls. “It can warp your mind into wondering whether or not you are good enough. Whether or not you are beautiful. Whether or not you are worthy,” said Nicole. It brings her great fulfillment knowing how her company is creating a positive impact in her community.

Under Nicole Brown’s leadership, Izzy & Liv has grown into a multi-million-dollar brand since its founding. The lifestyle brand has been featured in Forbes, Essence, Blavity, Bustle, and The Huffington Post, further pushing their purpose of imparting the diversity and beauty of Black women in the global landscape. Today, the CEO remains relentless in normalizing the essence of Black womanhood by bringing it into the spotlight. 

“Our brand is self-affirming, inspirational, fun, sassy, filled with pop culture references, and a bit retro. Our goal is to design pieces that reflect some of our shared experiences; celebrate the icons we love; reinforce the empowering beauty we possess and immortalize the things we can’t get enough of,” shared Nicole Brown. Izzy & Liv empowers Black women nationwide to embrace their distinct qualities and encourages them to step out into the light with boldness and poise.

When asked what motivated her to build Izzy & Liv, Nicole Brown shared that she wanted to show women who look like her what they can accomplish if they choose to put their mind into it. The CEO seeks to inspire Black women to seek strength within themselves and know that believing in themselves is the most excellent tool for success.

“You will run into obstacles and they are just that, obstacles. Do not allow your obstacles to become your stopping point. There is so much more on the other side if you just allow yourself to persevere, stay focused, and keep pushing,” said Nicole Brown. Like many CEOs, Nicole also had her share of disappointments. Still, she chose to keep going and focused on her goal of making a difference. 

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