Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute Continues Setting the Standard in Facilitating Personal and Professional Growth

It is always an option to rely on one’s discernment to solve life challenges. However, some instances need the guidance of others who could deliver objective and unbiased inputs, a service that acts as the core of the Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute (NSCI). 

Spearheaded by authorities in coaching and NLP master practitioners, this powerhouse is a global coaching organization on a mission to equip leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations with skills for delivering impact, sustainability, and results. It was founded by international Master Neuro Strategic and Executive Coach, speaker, trainer, and Master Certified Coach Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr., and is currently celebrating its 20th year of facilitating personal and professional growth. 

Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute capitalizes on Dr. Mario’s three decades of coaching, leadership, and business consulting experience. And it draws strengths from the expertise of the rest of the team that stands at its helm. Since its establishment, it has enabled individuals to realize behavioral patterns that do not benefit them, master emotions, and set the course for a life of action and fulfillment. It takes pride in its inventory of offerings, which include professional International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach Specific Training for aspiring and existing mentors as well as Time Line Therapy and hypnosis certifications that are accredited by the American Board of NLP, American Board of Hypnotherapy, and the Time Line Therapy Association. 

Moreover, this highly acclaimed Miami-based company maneuvers people back on track through its provision of coaching sessions by phone, video conference, and in-person. It propels clients toward improvements in several areas, such as leadership, productivity and organization, team building, inner peace and growth, health and wellness, depression and loss, family mediation, and stress management, to name a few. 

The recognition awarded to Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is not solely due to its wide range of offers. Its signature programs have also contributed to its rise in the industry. On top of its banner Legacy Leadership program that has shifted and empowered organizational cultures and leaders through coaching and behavioral style experiences, NSCI is also credited for teaching the Five Best Practices of Legacy Leadership® — Holder of Vision and Values™, Creator of Collaboration and Innovation™, Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership™, Advocator of Differences and Community™, Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability™.

Furthermore, its highly personalized approach to meeting the needs of clients has received attention. With its refusal to bank on cookie-cutter solutions, Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute tailors its coaching services and provides a supportive atmosphere while doing so.

The success in facilitating considerable leaps in improvement for individuals and organizations that NSCI has demonstrated is made possible due to the evidence-based coaching-behavioral approach that its training programs embrace. Utilizing an Accelerated Learning Experience (ALE) angle where the learners engage and commit to Total Participation and Involvement (TPI), all Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute programs have been maximized to achieve results.

Dr. Mario’s brainchild shows no sign of slowing down even after its prestigious two-decade run. In the coming years, it will continue to assist clients in obtaining sustainable and lasting changes. And this go-to organization for coaching, leadership, and NLP education vows to remain the standard facilitator of growth.

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