Mizzy Hendrix Signs MGT Deal with Vibe Star Entertainment

Up-and-coming hip hop artist Mizzy Hendrix has announced that he is signing on a management deal with Vibe Star Entertainment, an event production and artist management company. The new collaboration creates an opportunity for both the artist and his new crew to deliver great music to the hip hop crowd in the Philadelphia area and beyond. 

“We plan on taking Mizzy’s career to a whole new level and we really see his true potential,” shares Vibe Star Entertainment CEO Caleb Box. The rap artist from Philadelphia joins a hefty roster of quality artists that Vibe Star has also leveled up immensely through their networks and proven growth strategies.

Mizzy Hendrix is an artist from the Philadelphia/Norristown, Pennsylvania area, though he was also raised in Baltimore, Maryland. The rapper dived into multiple influences growing up, including artists like Nas, Jay-z, and Big L, Pop Smoke, Travis Scott, and Kanye West, to name a few. But even as he uses his idols as a springboard to music greatness, he has also developed a style and sound that he can certainly call his own. What makes him unique is his versatility, jumping around genres, and delivering high-quality performances every time. He can electrify a crowd and soothe them at will. “You just never know what you’ll get from me,” shares Mizzy Hendrix. 

In the time that Mizzy has spent creating and releasing music, he has reached unprecedented heights. To date, he has over 9,788 monthly listeners on Spotify and continues to rake in more as he accelerates his content creation efforts. The artist recently released a music video for his track, “MK,” which now has over 6,400 streams in less than a month. Mizzy has released a slew of other hard-hitting tracks, including songs like “Uno,” “After Party,” “Hailmary,” “Gang Gang,” “Demons,” “Blessed,” “Oh God,” and “He Say, She Say.”

A paradox of a humble yet confident artist, Mizzy has a solid work ethic and does all he possibly can for his fans. Moreso, he perseveres for his two amazing daughters, providing for them and raising them full-time on top of his music career. When creating music, the artist’s primary focus is to keep traditions alive for the younger generations to remember and carry on. His music is both nostalgic and fresh, bonding together the past and the future in one flashing array of sounds and beats. 

A powerful performer, Mizzy Hendrix, sets stages on fire, performing in various shows. He’s performed on some of the biggest stages, such as at the Voltage Lounge, one of Philadelphia’s prime Hookah lounges and clubs. He has also traveled to Las Vegas and Atlanta to perform before some of the most high-energy crowds.

Working with Vibe Star Entertainment, Mizzy hopes to level up his game. He looks forward to working with owner and marketing expert Caleb Star, who holds multiple certifications in marketing, management, social media, and entertainment. With over eight years of experience in the music business, Caleb delivers guidance to artists like Mizzy at a level that performs miracles for rising artists. 

Vibe Star has big plans for Mizzy Hendrix, and together, they hope to deliver big vibe music at full throttle. With all that’s in store for him, Mizzy aims high and looks to become the next prominent artist coming out of the Philadelphia and Norristown area.

To learn more about Mizzy Hendrix, visit his Spotify profile and official website.