Millennials Are Looking for Financial Success and Yaz Jourdain Knows Exactly How to Get It

Yasmine Jourdain, known as Yaz, is a Forex trader from the No. 1 trading educational platform, IM Academy. For her, millennials nowadays are raising the standards of their careers and are going beyond the nine to five grind to become successful, which is why she started trading. Since then, she has empowered a growing number of traders who have slowly found themselves financially successful from all around the world.

Like many millennials, Yaz had high hopes when she got accepted to her first job. Even at a young age, she knew what she wanted to do and what she dreams of becoming. But after less than a year of working long hours, she found herself stuck and dreading the future. The journey was not easy. She realized she needed to do something to change her life. She’s had enough of having nothing and was so hungry for success. Eventually, she found out about the future in trading. 

Joining the world’s top trading platform, she shares in the new path of success many millennials enjoy, paved by IM Academy. 

With IM Academy, she spent most of her time learning how to trade using her phone. The platform is available from anywhere around the world. It is also the most affordable way to learn how to trade and provides access to live sessions from top eight-figure earners in the Forex Market along with 24-hour mentorship and materials to become successful and mindset motivational calls every week.

In less than a year, she now leads a team of millennials who are paving their own path to success. She is hands-on in providing her team with mentorship and hones their know-how through live calls and training offered by top earners in IM Academy. She has helped transform the lives of others and improve their financial situation.

What makes IM Academy a powerful platform is that it does not ask for five to ten years of prior experience to be able to learn how to trade. They don’t discriminate by tattoos, piercings, color, gender and sexual orientation, no hours required to be completed within the workweek, no clocking in or out needed, no dress code, and most importantly, you become your own boss.

“Do you know how amazing it is to have the power to walk into any store and say, ‘I want that’ and get it without thinking twice if you can afford it?” she asks. “How about to travel anywhere around the world without having to ask for vacation or sick time?” And most importantly hearing “Thank you Yaz you’ve changed my life”. For Yaz, it’s about the impact not the money. For Yaz, nothing beats the fulfillment that trading brings in her life including the lives of others. 

With IM Academy, she has achieved the path to financial freedom and on her way to create generational wealth. Exhilarated by her career, she has big hopes that other millennials are empowered to take on the opportunity to not only all ease their financial burden but also to go towards long-term happiness. Like Yaz, with only a smartphone, anyone can learn how to trade and find their success in the Forex market, just as she did.

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