Mike Crowson on Combining Passion With Action as a Vital Factor of Success

It is quite fascinating how one’s passion can ultimately trigger multiple ripples of success. But when passion is not coupled with a desire to chase after goals, the path towards success is only as good as a dream. Showing that he is not one of those daydreamers, Mike Crowson combines his vision with a mission to change the world.

Overflowing with an unmatched determination to get ahead, Mike Crowson was able to climb the summits of success at a young age. Now, as he zeroes in towards the top, Mike shows everyone how far passion and perseverance can lead a person closer to their goals.

Born and raised from a small town brimming with Southern hospitality in Alabama, Mike Crowson knew that he would never be satisfied living with a simple life. And as Mike grew older, he started to envision a future filled with ambitions. Determined to change his circumstances, 22-year-old Mike packed his bags and moved to New York City to chase his entrepreneurial dreams.

However, opening a business in a big city is never easy, especially when a person does not have enough financial resources, to begin with. Driven to bridge the gap between his goal and available resources, Mike Crowson began building his entrepreneurial journey by joining the marketing team of a digital marketing powerhouse in the city. During his time in the company, he honed his talents and improved his marketing skills. As time went by, Mike left the firm to pursue his goals of starting his own venture.

In between shaping his personal pursuits, Mike Crowson also engaged in back-end marketing for multiple individuals in the fitness industry. Along this trail was where he met his wife, Abbey. With an ambition as same as Mike, the two joined forces in pursuing success in the business landscape. And despite maintaining a long-distance relationship, Mike and Abbey were able to form an online coffee company called Coffee Over Cardio.

Run by Mike Crowson and his wife, Coffee Over Cardio is an online coffee company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of coffee consumption by creating products that strike a balance between fitness and the goodness of coffee. Primarily created for the modern woman, the company seeks to fill the void in the industry due to the lack of female brands for coffee. And although the company was made for women, Coffee Over Cardio is not limited to catering to the needs of the female population. It also extends to men who are interested in the company’s vision.

However, Mike Crowson’s passion for running a business is not limited to one enterprise. So, aside from Coffee Over Cardio, Mike and Abbey also run a marketing agency that mashes Mike’s marketing skills and Abbey’s finance background called Fit Legacy Marketing Agency.

Dubbed as Mike Crowson and his wife’s passion project, Fit Legacy Marketing Agency comprises a full-fledged team that combines all the advertising and marketing specializations needed to scale up small-time businesses. It brings different and practical strategies to the table, such as social media advertising, affiliate programs, website optimization, graphic design, and more.

Looking back, Mike Crowson still remembers how his humble beginnings did not stop him from becoming a trailblazer in the industry. With the achievements that he has attained together with his wife, Mike hopes to send a message that everything is within reach if one combines passion with grit and perseverance.

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