Michael Jenkins, Leading Forex Coach, Guides Hopefuls Toward Success

People are often told that financial success will naturally result from working hard enough at one’s job. However, with the changes in today’s economic landscape, millions of people worldwide can testify to how misleading, at some point, that particular advice is. This reality became one of the primary drivers behind the move of forex authority Michael Jenkins to branch out and dominate another market. 

Even when some people have already dedicated years on their nine-to-five jobs, they still have to address the challenge of providing their families a comfortable life. Admittedly, landing a place in the workplace does not immediately entail financial security, as evidenced by the countless individuals who are still living paycheck to paycheck. In the case of Michael Jenkins, even the mastery with which he performed his roles as a professional could not make him indispensable in the commercial space. 

Raised by a single parent on the Eastside of Detroit, this financial coach was exposed early to opportunities that would allow him to develop the skills he would need to become an authority in forex years down the road. He participated in the marching band at Spain Elementary, learning and adopting the military-style discipline and leadership skills that would prove instrumental for his future accomplishments. And although Michael Jenkins dropped out of college after two years, he made a mark as an exemplary staff, going all-out and advancing his way up to the top charts for T-Mobile USA and various Home Security companies. 

However, these commission-based jobs proved to be immensely restricting. On top of that, they also did not afford him with much-needed stability. And after getting laid off due to economic hardships, Michael Jenkins decided to opt for a greener pasture — the foreign exchange market. 

Demonstrating that he is a force to be reckoned with regardless of the industry he is in, this esteemed coach managed to grow a massive trading account and gain a base of over seven hundred students in just nine months. The numerous milestones Michael Jenkins reached in a short amount of time fueled him to take on the mission of teaching his effective strategies to people and helping them break the nine-to-five routine for good. 

Currently, this dedicated and passionate wealth builder is supporting and guiding clients to success. He banks his extensive knowledge and mastery of strategy building, risk management, and trading plan education to pilot aspirants toward realizing their financial goals. Through the Free Life 101 Investment Group, Michael Jenkins, along with his colleagues, offers over-the-shoulder strategy coaching via Zoom, daily live training sessions, and a three-tiered support system. These provisions are designed to equip people with the tools and knowledge necessary to obtain financial freedom. 

As a coach, Michael Jenkins is driven to stand as a valuable resource for others who pursue their financial dreams. Passionate about seeing his students thrive, he showcases admirable proficiency by delivering practical hands-on training, 24/7 support, and professional services. 

The zeal with which he educates people on financial literacy and the alternative ways to guarantee a future for one’s family helps Michael Jenkins and his team hit their goal of impacting a million lives. And he does not plan to slow down anytime soon in his mission to aid people in achieving financial freedom and secure generational wealth.

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