Mentality Nurturing and Encouraging the Never-Give-Up Mentality

The story behind the establishment of Mentality as a business entity is one that Jason Hill fondly reminisces and uses as a point of inspiration for anybody still doubting their abilities. Jason Hill is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who has tried his hands at multiple ventures before finding astounding success with Mentality, an apparel brand that is a mixture of everything that Jason loves and has shaped his life up to this point.

He launched Mentality in 2017 from his college dorm room, and it evolved into a clothing brand in October 2018. Mentality’s valuation is in millions of dollars, and it has more than a million followers on Instagram. Mentality’s slogan says, “A Culture of Ambition,” which was coined from Jason’s story from childhood into adulthood. Jason Hill grew up with different ambitions, such as becoming a professional football player, which ended when he broke his ankle twice. He then turned toward making YouTube videos, which he did for a while before focusing on entrepreneurship and e-commerce.

Mentality does a daily job of inspiring and uplifting through its daily quotes and messages on Instagram. It further helps people connect with these uplifting messages through its limited-drop merchandise like apparel and mentality products. “We try to connect with athletes and high school colleges through our meaningful products. They need all the encouragement they need to pursue their dreams, and I believe Mentality has a part to play in all of that,” Jason says. “Over the past three years, Mentality has helped change people’s lives worldwide. We know this from the thousands of messages and emails we receive, and it’s something that separates us from the competition,” he adds.

Jason Hill’s desire to start a brand was kindled one day when he was shopping on Amazon for his football gear for the football season. He searched for “athlete bracelets,” and he found none. He needed the bracelet to have a motivating message so he could wear it every day. Unfortunately, Jason didn’t find anything close to what he needed. A few years later, he thought of products to launch for Mentality, which was new at the time, and the athlete bracelet was the first idea that popped into his head, and the idea paved the way for other ideas that have made the brand a success today.

Mentality as a brand has done well over the years because it has not been producing generic products. From athlete bracelets, Mentality has created a wide range of custom number pendants and unique apparel designs. Jason hopes to be a strong competitor for the biggest online clothing brands over the next five years and establish Mentality as a company to inspire many through significant funding from investors.

Jason wants everyone who has been thinking of starting something to go ahead and get to work. “You should get up and do anything you are passionate about because that is the only way to get things done. If I hadn’t taken this advice, I’d still be stuck in my tiny town in Tennessee, stuck in college doing something I don’t enjoy, and still looking for an escape. Thankfully I never listened to anyone but myself,” he says.

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