Medi-Ops: Using Advanced Technology to Simplify the Complex Medical Transportation Industry

With a mission to help save people’s lives, Medi-Ops is focused on solving one of the most crucial challenges of the medical industry: the system of medical transportation. After facing the reality that several parts of America have difficulty in accessing ambulance and medical courier services, Medi-Ops continues to make innovations in the industry that will help the country overcome this challenge.

Medi-Ops simplifies the complex medical transportation system by utilizing its vast network of providers and operators with no limits as to the time frames for the dispatchers. When a call is placed, upfront pricing is given, and the estimated time of departure and arrival of the transportation services is immediately estimated and provided to the clients.

It also provides customized solutions for organizations that might have preferred specific providers. The company checks on the availability of these providers first before deciding which providers to pursue. 

The company works hand in hand with multiple ground and air vehicle operators to provide both emergency and non-emergency medical services that aim to shorten response times for all kinds of emergency and non-emergency situations. It operates 24 hours a day for seven days a week all across the United States.

From ground ambulance to helicopters and airplanes, all medical transportation options are made possible. All these vehicles are live-tracked through GPS to find the closest medical crew to the client’s location to ensure timely, efficient, and cost-saving services. This remarkable medical transportation company has partnered with a wide range of companies in strategic locations housing medically trained personnel that are ready to attend to any situation.

Medi-Ops also dispatches medical couriers and organ-transplant teams. Whether it is a patient for transportation, blood, an organ, or life-saving pharmaceutical products, the company only requires a single call to accomplish the necessary services.

It also uses an efficient system of online scheduling and tracking software so that clients can easily schedule the services they need in whatever time and day they desire. Medi-Ops also employs a billing system that is based on instant quotations through its website. Surprise bills are not welcome in this company. Hence, if a transportation company invoices an amount higher than the initially quoted amount, it is not the client that will cover the difference but Medi-Ops itself.

In its effort to provide clients better services, Medi-Ops is invested in utilizing advanced technology systems. Currently, engineer teams and medical personnel are working on developing a system to safely operate medical drones that can be used for delivering medical supplies. 

The company currently offers aerial support for UAV companies. Its fleet of emergency vehicles is ready to respond to specific GPS coordinates if these drones experience errors. Whether non-emergency medical supplies or life-saving devices, the Medi-Ops team can immediately secure the landing area of the drone to retrieve and protect the package and complete the transport. 

Today, Medi-Ops continues to find ways to improve its services and provide its clients with the most cost-saving and time-efficient services they deserve. 

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