Matt West is launching the ‘Boom’ mindfulness app to help build daily mindful journaling for millennials.

Hand in hand with the increasing ease today’s developments have brought to people’s lives is a growing tress level. At any given time, millions of people struggle with the stress of everyday concerns — finances, work responsibilities, academic deliverables, etc. — and large-scale political, social, and economic issues. The driving factor American psychologist Matt West has made it his mission to uplift people’s conditions through his practice and the emotional fitness app, Boom.

Matt West is a psychologist, podcaster, and founder of Boom, a digital wellness company that provides guided mindful journaling training and mindfulness for users. He holds two Master’s degrees in Psychology from Pepperdine University and Cal State Northridge based in Los Angeles. He is known for his passion for emotional and mental fitness, learning, exploring new places, and capitalizing on technology’s power. 

Matt West’s passion developed over the years in psychology can be traced back to his junior year in high school. When, inspired by his psychology teacher, Mr. Prince, this practitioner decided to walk the path of understanding why people do what they do and what drives humans to take action. And now, years down the road, that interest has evolved, becoming the impetus behind establishing a company that is leading the mindful and mental wellness space. 

As an app, Boom is demonstrating the potential of turning into a must-have. It supports millennials at each stage of their lifestyle cycle and intent to track mood, energy, and attention. On a mission to serve as a tool in capturing and saving bright moments of life, this brainchild of Matt West boosts positive energy and attitude, trains healthy thinking patterns, promotes productivity, and fosters joy. 

Science-driven, Boom uses neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy, enabling users to understand themselves better, build relationships, and stress less after journaling over time. Its artificial intelligence personalizes daily activities that suit and address a person’s needs, increase their productivity, and allow users to focus on what matters most and maintain their emotional well-being. 

By banking on Boom and his expertise and extensive experience as a psychologist, Matt West is making a mark in the lives of people who are inundated with life stressors. And his vision of a future, with individuals who are empowered, living freely and authentically, thriving in relationships with themselves and others, and uncovering meaningful work in their personal and professional pursuits, is slowly being realized. 

With the complexities and hardships life has to offer, there is no better time than now to have a trusted companion in caring for the self. Acknowledging this, Matt West plans to push Boom to the forefront of the mental health and wellness space. In the coming years, Matt West looks forward to the app drawing in more users and amassing a base composed of millions of people from over 150 countries. Moreover, he envisions Boom to become the go-to app to build emotional strength to combat burnout and understand oneself better. 

Learn more about Matt West and the Boom app through his website and Instagram page.