Matt Pack Championing Primal FIT 360 to Keep Miami Fit

Matt Pack has been dedicated to the fitness journey all his life, and over the last two decades, he has established his brand in different cities in the United States and changed the face of fitness in those cities. As an author, public speaker, and the owner of PRIMAL FIT Miami, Matt Pack has done a lot to help thousands of people improve their health and fitness. And with more than 20 years of experience in sports conditioning, personal training experience, health and exercise instruction, and nutrition lifestyle management, Matt continues to set trends and change narratives in the fitness world.

Matt’s journey started as far back as 1999 at Fitness Image Results in Washington DC, where he worked for two years. Since then, he has established his own brand, sold it for six figures, moved to another city, started another brand, and expanded exponentially. In 2004, he moved to Florida and started working at The Downtown Athletic Club in downtown Miami. In 2006, he already built relationships and connections with people and started Impack Strength and Conditioning training through subcontracting gyms and condos in Miami.

While running Impack Strength and Conditioning training, he suffered a knee injury that forced him to train from a wheelchair at home in his two-car garage. Three years later, he moved to a 1,400-sq. ft. downtown Miami Shores storefront location which he named Primal Fit Miami. In 2015, he expanded to a 5,500-sq. ft. location within the same building. Through consistency and high-value delivery, today, Matt Pack and his team work with more than 200 people from the surrounding Miami community in attaining fitness, health, and overall physical wellness. 

Matt Pack is the author of three books and has co-wrote another with his father. He has run a brick and mortar gym for 11 years, with 150 members enrolled for personal training. He also runs a private group on Facebook called “The Primal Fit Pack,” which has more than 1000 members who all want to be the best versions of themselves.

Matt’s fitness strategy is made up of simplified and sustainable yet effective techniques. “I take busy professionals and entrepreneurs and teach them simple and sustainable techniques to increase energy, lose weight, get stronger, improve libido, manage stress, and get out of pain. My Busy Professional Blueprint and 6 Pillar Coaching system has helped thousands of men and women regain their health and confidence,” he says.

Matt does not believe in excessive workouts or keeping up with complicated diets to stay fit. His 6-Pillar Busy Professional Blueprint has delivered the best of coaching, mindset conditioning, nutrition, strength training, conditioning, and restoration. His five-year goal is to grow his brand globally and help people from all over the world while freeing people from the thought that they have to workout excessively, meal prep or eat six times a day to achieve their fitness goals.

Learn more about Matt Pack’s brand on instagram or his official website.