Make lasting impressions with Scalp Solutions

We have all heard of the saying “first impressions last,” and whether it is true or not, we make sure that we leave lasting impressions to the people we meet and come across. However, making a good impression is hard if you have balding hair. Our hair is one of the first things that people notice, and that is why people are looking everywhere for procedures to address their hair loss problems. Good thing David Santiago and Scalp Solutions have the answer for you. 

David Santiago is a New York State licensed Master Barber and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner.  However, despite being a practitioner in the hair industry, David did not escape the threat of hair loss. 

He started his career in the hair industry at the age of 14. And when he was 19, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he went on to honorably and faithfully serve his country for 13 years, including two tours to Iraq. During this time, he continued to offer his barbering specialties to fellow Marines.

While serving at The National Naval Medical Center as the Medical Case Manager for the east coast, he had the honor of grooming the wounded veterans prior to them receiving their Purple Heart. 

And someone with a career in the hair industry, having a receding hairline does not make a good impression with clients. This, in turn, made his confidence slightly deteriorate. He sought after different procedures in order to put a solution to his own receding hairline problem. After searching far and wide, he came across scalp micropigmentation (SMP) and cranial prosthesis, procedures that would change his life. 

The confidence the procedure gave David left an impact on him that he wanted to share it with others as well, so he trained to become a certified SMP and cranial prosthesis practitioner and started Scalp Solutions.

Scalp Solutions was formed to solve a simple problem; to offer men badass premium hair loss options. Their office offers a private, professional, and relaxing setting that caters to clients from all backgrounds and professions. Scalp Solutions specializes in scalp micropigmentation and men’s hair systems (cranial prosthesis). “Our mission is to restore and maintain the confidence of all clients, so they can return to the world ready to conquer it.” David Santiago, founder of Scalp Solutions. 

And unlike other traditional options like hair transplant surgery, wigs, and drug-based therapies, SMP is instantaneous. It requires minimal day to day maintenance and is as permanent as you want it to be. Furthermore, Scalp Solutions’ founder and CEO David Santiago prides himself on producing natural results for his clients, as seen on their Instagram page.

“After your treatment, your appearance will be so flawless that you might not even tell your closest friends or relatives about your procedure. Our mission is to produce an undetectable illusion of real hair so that you can move forward with renewed confidence,” stated Santiago.

“Going bald is a big deal for many men, and most don’t want the feeling of growing old before their time. We at Scalp Solutions aim to take years off your appearance and restore you to your original, confident self.” Santiago added.

To set up a schedule now, send them an email at or call their hotline 347-245-4463.