M.u.o.n.light Productions Create Music That Touches the Soul

Artists are carriers of influence, whether intentional or unintentional. Through the creative combination of melodies and lyrics, songwriters directly impact the listeners in powerful ways. As Bob Marlin had said, one good thing about music is that when it hits a person, they feel no pain. Instead, the impact awakens them to the ideologies significant to both the self and society.

M.u.o.n.light Productions has been on a quest to unite the world through music since it began in 2012. The brainchild of three Williams brothers, Jerrell, Jerron Michael, and Jerrmal, the company is imbued by the passion of all three and are bouldering through the music industry and smashing the stereotypes of hip-hop with a ferocious intensity. As their mission, they want to connect people in Music Under One Nation, hence M.u.o.n.light Productions.

Jerrmal is the youngest of the three and serves as the face of the group. Active as a recording artist, songwriter, and actor, he is better known as his stage name, Consensus. A word meaning the general agreement of a group of people, he hopes that through his music, he will get people to come to the consensus of celebrating life and humanity instead of pointing out differences and driving people of different colors and cultures further apart.

Music influences people through its emotional impact. As humans, people are behaviorally affected by the way they feel. With a genre of both hip-hop and Neo-Soul, they are breaking the stereotype of hip-hop having a negative influence on society due to the typical lyrical content of violence, drugs, and sex. Consensus creates his work keeping in mind the effect it would have on people. In producing the best quality of music, they believe that it is not only the flow of words and the melody that is important but also the message it is trying to relay to its audience. Through their music, they want to educate and raise awareness about relevant social issues that affect many in the world today. 

While some venture into the music industry in the search for fame and wealth, Consensus inspires people by making music purely for the love of music and self-expression. Music made with that kind of passion is the type to touch the soul deeply. Their unique brand of music, coupled with Consensus’ distinctive flow and melody polished through years of practice in his craft, allows them to deliver a complex mix of contrasting emotions for maximum impact to the listener.      

With their latest production titled EP: Detriment, Consensus, and M.u.o.n.light Productions teased the fans for its release on the 31st of July. With the public’s building anticipation for this release, EP: Detriment is sure to leave an impact in the typical M.u.o.n.light fashion.  Consensus is sure to leave a mark in the hearts of people with his music. 

Find out more about his music and experience it for yourself by streaming it on SoundCloud, and keep up-to-date with his latest activities by following him on Instagram.