Luna Voda Coaching Leads Women to Their Inner Transformation and Empowerment

A woman who is fully tapped into her full potential, self-confident, wise, and lives life to the fullest is the kind of woman that Luna Voda Coaching wishes to inspire as it opens its doors to women seeking holistic transformation. As the women of today wear many hats, they tend to forget the importance of intentional self-care and self-love, rendering many of them unhappy, unfulfilled, and living a life filled with unanswered questions. Through the company’s well-balanced approach to inner transformation, women are empowered to feel better about themselves regardless of their age, realize their purpose, stay physically and mentally fit, and be inspired to do something great in their lives.

From releasing the extra weight, learning self-love, building self-confidence, and reinventing oneself, Luna Voda Coaching is the go-to place. There is a wide array of programs that women of various ages can choose from to help them make sense of their personal experiences, rediscover themselves, and achieve a more balanced mindset about life, love, relationships, and everything else that impacts their lives greatly. Company founder Ana-Maria Georgieva understands what it is like to go through a lot of painful experiences in life and have these same events rule over her, robbing her of joy, opportunities to establish promising relationships and pursue her dreams with confidence. 

Before establishing Luna Voda Coaching, Ana-Maria struggled with a lot of personal issues that were triggered by her strained relationship with her biological father. For a dark period in her life, she struggled with her body image, from dysmorphia to commitment phobia and chronic self-doubt. Despite being a highly intelligent young girl and a commendable achiever in school, she often felt hesitant and constantly battled with her lack of self-confidence. 

“On the inside, I felt empty, I felt unlovable, I felt lost, not good enough, and unworthy of success. And this is why I created my coaching programs: to help other women who are going through a similar thing to feel seen, supported, and encouragedto help them get their power back, rebuild their confidence, and create permanent changes in their self-perception,” Ana-Maria Georgieva explains. 

Fortunately, Ana-Maria found a better path that helped her overcome all her past traumas in life and her negative emotions at the same time. Seeing that there are multitudes of women out there who suffer silently with their inner emotional and mental struggles, she stepped out of her comfort zone and developed what would eventually become a life-changing influence on the lives of many womenthe Luna Voda Coaching. 

Her programs are a unique combination of physical health through dance-fitness workouts, emotional health through NLP coaching, mental health through guided meditations, and professional success using her own special blueprint formed from her life’s unique experiences and learnings. Ana-Maria started dancing when she was only five years old, and it eventually evolved into her life’s greatest passion. She was greatly influenced by her mother, who is a scholar and a dance teacher.

Aside from being a prolific dancer and writer herself, Ana-Maria also studied foreign languages at the National High School For Ancient Languages and Cultures in Sofia, Bulgaria. She also studied in the Waldorf School in Portland, Oregon, when she was 17. She completed a double major, and with honors, from the University of Washington in International Studies and Dance. Before finishing college, she was able to conduct comprehensive research about the relationship between body language and a person’s internal self-talk and cultural upbringing. She also presented her findings at the annual Research Symposium at her university. 

By combining her life experiences, academic training, and passion for the arts and wellness, Ana-Maria was able to successfully establish Luna Voda Coaching as one of the most reliable wellness hubs in the country today. As she continues to help women achieve their best lives, she is also helping promote a culture of unity, compassion, and productivity that they can impart to others as well. 

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