Luis Corchon’s Collaboration With Ubco Bikes Is His Latest Passion Project

According to research, transportation vehicles are responsible for 28% of all carbon emissions, making it the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions from the United States. The increasing concern over greenhouse gas emissions and their effect on climate change means the subsequent rise in popularity of environmentally friendlier alternatives. A significant example of such an alternative is electric vehicles. Luis Corchon is a filmmaker with a passion for electric vehicles as a major mode of transportation, and his latest project with Ubco is the fruit of that passion.

Luis Corchon, also known professionally as LC, is a downtown Miami-based filmmaker and the founder of LC Photo Studio. With a reputation for creating films only for brands and subjects he is passionate about, he is known to make mother nature, feminine beauty, fast cars, and water sports the center of his work. Only recently, that list has expanded to include electric vehicles as well, leading to a collaboration with Ubco.

Ubco is an electric bike brand that believes that electric utility vehicles are transforming the normal way of life. Given the public’s growing interest in environment-friendly alternatives to nearly all existing products, it is not impossible to say that electric vehicles could become the primary mode of transportation in the future, especially with the wealth of advantages it holds over traditional, fuel-powered vehicles.

With an expert eye and skills polished by years of practice, Luis Corchon is able to masterfully capture the beauty and the vibe of riding an Ubco 2×2 on any terrain. In addition to its all-terrain capacity, the bikes have no exhaust and heat generation, nor do they use fuel or chains, making it far safer than their motorized counterparts. They can go at a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour and as far as 75 miles on a single charge.

Ubco electric bikes are perfect for relaxing rides to almost anywhere. With no gas, no emissions, and no noise, its users can enjoy guilt-free rides without contributing to air and noise pollution. The bike brand boasts of its advanced security features that allow the user to leave their 2×2’s with peace of mind.

Luis Corchon dedicates his time working only on subjects that he has a personal interest in. Before LC Photo Studio, the filmmaker had worked as a network penetration specialist in his IT company, which he later liquidated despite the financial instability that being jobless entails. He took a break to travel and rediscover himself and his purpose, and it was during that time that he discovered his love for all things electric.

In the recent years that he spent traveling the world, a huge chunk was on electric vehicles. He had grown to become so comfortable with them that he started filming on his electric skate board. That was merely the turning point and the fun of filming while riding continued to grow from there. Ultimately, that interest brings him to a collaboration with Ubco, which has become his biggest passion project.

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