Latin Hip-Hop Artist Arthur Sanchez is Back to the Music Industry With New Style and a Mission

Musical artists, whether new to the industry or not, have their fair share of hurdles before getting to the place they want to go. Each had to undergo several ups and downs while traversing the industry – somehow to test the strength of their passion and their craft. On this note, no matter how bumpy it was, is, and will be, there are artists like Arthur Sanchez who perseveres and fights for what he loves.

His interest in music began when Sanchez was only four years old. As a child, Sanchez always found music to be a happy place. To him, listening to songs made him feel different and special. So, whenever he had the chance, especially on weekends, Sanchez would save his extra money to snatch a time slot at a professional recording studio. Later on, the Bay Area-native was able to record his first single I’ve Been Watching You at UGMX Studios in San Jose, California, and was only 12 at the time.  

Sanchez then began to develop his image online, creating social media accounts, and taking to Soundcloud under the stage name LilAmMusic. With his burning passion for music and a bright prospect for his career, Sanchez had high hopes for the future. But he was forced to postpone his dreams. In late 2013, he decided to take a break from music after the death of his grandfather. 

During his five-year hiatus, the landscape of the industry has changed, but for Sanchez, nobody can stop him from carrying on with his plans. He returns to the music industry with a new style, brand, and name, “Arthur Sanchez.” He comes back stronger and more focused. Since 2018, Sanchez has been able to release several tracks like They Want Me Dead, Notice Me, Locked Up, Todo Caro, Me Compre Un, and many more. He’s collaborated with other artists from Colombia, Slovakia, Toronto, and New Jersey, and the tracks are set to be released this year.

The Hip-Hop and Latin trap artist looks to refine his style by working day and night. He dreams of creating a positive change with his music using diverse approaches. Sanchez has an immense number of followers across the globe, and they are increasing by the day. 

Ultimately, he intends to use his story to inspire others to continue doing what they are passionate about, no matter the roadblocks. Sanchez knows that many artists struggle to make a name for themselves due to uncontrollable factors. And so, Sanchez wants to use his brand and story to help others in seeking ways to triumph within a competitive industry even with fewer resources. “We remain true to our word, we seek to help out other artists who might not know how to get around the music industry,” he said.

The music of Arthur Sanchez is something that will be heard in hundreds of platforms soon. His dedication and his past experiences are what drives him to come up with the most unique and profound tracks.

For more information about this up-and-coming artist, visit his website. For updates, follow his official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Sanchez is also on TikTok, Youtube, and Soundcloud.