Klepto Bears: a Unique Digital Artwork Reminiscent of Childhood Memories

Klepto bears are sleek, stylized pieces of digital artwork that connect to our childhood and offer an essential chance to reconcile those memories of a time long forgotten. The unique 2D  digital asset focuses on delicately designed patterns and texture which harken to the nostalgic child within each of us by representing modern-day life layered on treasures of our past. 

Soon to be launched, the 2D collectibles of devious bears will be made available in 10,000 different disguises and forms, the characters set on tranquil backgrounds, with perfectly blended hue to guide the user to the shape which shifts in representation while staying the same. 

To collect the thieving bears, users will have to follow an adventurous five-stage road map. At the first stage of the adventurous heist, users will mint the Klepto bears and break them out of the big house. In the second stage of the heist, users will break open the Klepto bear vault to reveal the treasure within. Finally, as a show of gratitude, the bears will give away their acquired loot to the owners in the third stage of the heist. 

In the fourth stage of the heist, the NFT creator, Amber Marie, will write a storybook for the bears, telling the tale of their devious acts, which will be available for free to all Klepto Bears holders. In the final stage, the adventure continues as an old cellmate tracks down the bear with information on a bank heist that promises the biggest score anyone has ever seen. In addition to giving away the awesome bears, Klepto bears owners also stand a chance to participate in the giveaway of $100,000 in prizes. All the prizes are embedded in vaults which are all open when the collection sells out. The prizes include items like iPhone 13 for Mint #1,000, iPadPro for Mint #2,000, LG TV for Mint #3,000, PlayStation 5 for Mint #4,000, Xbox X for Mint #5,000, Macbook Pro for Mint #6,000, Versace Robe for Mint #7,000, LV Backpack for Mint #8,000, Rolex for Mint #9,000 and Tesla for Mint #10,000. 

The digitized artwork or NFT was created by Amber Marie, a body art and fine artist renowned for her intricate line-work shape imbued with rich color and fine details. Amber works steeped in the world of mixed mediums and body art/ makeup and shapes her story in a distinct way to explore the world of digital art while reminiscing a nostalgic world of childhood carefreeness where imaginations can run free. 

For Amber, the Klepto bear is a line art representation of an actual teddy bear gifted to her by her grandmother when she was 5, a most treasured gift which stands as a symbol of childhood imagination. Likewise, the assets are presented with a story of the adventures this bear has been on and a hint on the next adventure, making it the centerpiece by collecting the minutiae of childhood memories that anchor us to everyday life. The Klepto Bears project is supported and sponsored by Graffiti mansion partners Arman Izadi and Danny Lorden, who taught Amber the delicate craft of emptying spray cans as a form of art.

Learn more about Amber Marie and Klepto Bears by visiting its website.