Karen Starling Builds Credit Awareness with Star Credit Services

In managing one’s finances, achieving the balance between savings and debt is necessary for financial stability. Moreover, having a high credit score equates to one’s creditworthiness to get a loan, a job, buy a car, or rent an apartment. As most individuals strive every day to earn, improving, and rebuilding one’s credit score is worth every penny of hard work.

For CEO and owner, Karen Starling, bringing credit awareness to the people is essential towards shaping their finances. With over five years of experience assisting clients in establishing great credit, her credit counseling company, Star Credit Services, stands in fulfilling every American dream of achieving a higher credit score. Together with Karen is an elite staff who are fully trained and knowledgeable to provide the best services for their clients in terms of Credit Repair or Credit Consultant Certification Classes and Real Estate Services. Furthermore, the company provides three steps to achieve great credit – Repair, Rebuild, Raise the Score, for clients to see the results.

Star Credit Services treats each client with excellent customer service by fostering a meaningful working relationship, on a one-to-one basis, to meet all their needs and concerns. In the process of getting back one’s financial life, the company helps clients with its first step in facilitating credit repair services. Karen recognizes that errors and fraudulent accounts can affect one’s credit report; thus, by removing the inaccurate and erroneous information is the first primary step in the restoration. 

In the second step, Star Credit Services conducts a thorough audit of the credit report and reviews the information with the respective client. Rebuilding one’s credit can be attained by fixing the inaccuracies and proving to FICO and creditors the client’s intention to arrange payments on time. At this stage, Karen and her team work closely with credit bureaus and creditors to fix and rebuild tarnished credit of clients.

As it is widely known that credit score is an indicator of one’s creditworthiness, Star Credit Services focuses on ensuring the highest credit score for clients as the last stage towards credit restoration. Within 30 to 45 days of the 3-step process, the company ensures that the client realizes their desired results from the tailored services of the company.

Star Credit Services is committed to complete its services on time with client involvement as a priority throughout the entire process. With its one-on-one relationship, clients are expected to be always on track of the progress.

Ethical practices are crucial to Karen as she believes that both client and credit information is confidential; she and her team uphold full honesty, integrity, and professionalism in their transactions. Furthermore, they provide clients with support, continuous follow-ups, and educational tips on credit. 

Karen strives for excellence in helping people with managing their finances. As such, her program Credit Builder Card is designed to help in building credit scores with three credit bureaus. It is accessible to everyone as there is no required credit score. Clients will start building a positive credit history by funding the deposit and making payments on time using the Credit Builder Card. Furthermore, she created a Facebook community, The Higher Credit Achievement Society, as an avenue for Karen to share her expertise and tips on managing credit effectively.

Karen’s mission of bringing credit awareness is bound to make a difference in every person’s life. With her company, Star Credit Services, she makes sure that no one is left behind in managing their finances.

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