Kafune Hair: Black Women-Owned Company Strives to Change Lives of Hair Loss Victims

Hair is considered a woman’s crown and glory. But, not every woman gets the hair of their dreams. In 2003, Shemika Jackson noticed that there were large, noticeable empty spots on her crown. She turned to lace wigs to regain her confidence and realized that she was not alone in her journey. Shemika then founded Kafune Hair, a company dedicated to addressing the issues of women who wear lace wigs.

Kafune Hair carries a complete line of products for women who live with lace wigs, from application and maintenance to removal products. The company has been in the industry for over ten years and has taken a great leap as it ventured into the digital space with their online store. Since then, the brand has served women all across the country with reliable hair products that are widely available online.

“Many new lace wig wearers most often do not know what is needed to maintain the lace wigs. Common issues of lace wig wearers are: ways to protect their hair line or edges, continuous slipping of lace wig, reducing the shedding of hair on the lace wig and, the most popular issue—getting the perfect lace melt so the lace wig looks natural and seamless,” shared Shemika Jackson. “To help women solve this confusing lace wig journey issue, Kafune Hair provides a lace wig product bundle of items to solve all these issues,” added the CEO. 

Furthermore, Kafune Hair prides itself on being a Black, woman-owned company dedicated to creating products that will suit the needs of black women, as they are the most common users of lace wigs. Among the company’s most notable products is their signature “Melt Me Down Spray,” allowing lace wigs to melt in a matter of minutes and perfectly sit on top of its wearer’s crown. The product has captivated many customers for its efficiency and long-lasting effect.

The founder herself knows how crucial reliable hair products are for women who wear lace wigs daily. She was devastated after being diagnosed with Cicatricial Alopecia as a young adult in 2004. “As the years progressed, the permanent form of alopecia expanded, leaving me to accept my hair reality. My hair will never come back, and I have to face my new life by masking the situation,” said Shemika. 

The founder spent time trying to find the right products that would help her face her situation. Later on, the search turned into a purpose of making a difference in the hair industry that would change the lives of women like herself. Shemika first ventured into manufacturing lace wigs. She catered to many  clients with hair loss conditions, but the business soon ended in 2013. 

In 2018, Shemika pursued her entrepreneurial spirit again as she began to understand her real purpose. Kafune Hair was born out of the CEO’s desire to positively impact the lives of others who suffer from severe hair loss. “This time, with a clearer vision and with God guiding me, I developed the name and concept in 2018 and began the new year, 2019, with the brand Kafune Hair.”

Today, Kafune Hair has not only impacted the lives of its users but has also provided opportunities for Black women, and it allows them to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship. Learn more about the company on its website.