JWiin and #Cyko Are Two Faces of the Same Musician

Many people dream of making it big in the industry, but the industry is demanding and fast-paced. Only a select few can survive, and fewer still thrive. It takes skill, charm, and an innate gift for music to rise above the others. Jeff Valenz is an artist going by the name JWiin, but his reputation in creating music in an insane style combined with his unusual ways of doing things in the studio has led him to be better known by his sound engineer and producer tag, #Cyko.

You cannot plant a seed without getting your hands dirty, as they say. Despite being exceptionally skilled, he rejects leniency and believes that hard work is necessary to bear fruit. He is not afraid to put in hours upon hours of work to realize his vision, and he produces, records, and mixes his own tracks both as the artist, JWiin, and the sound engineer, #Cyko. September will witness the release of SykoSyStems part 1, and this will be his first release to be available on all music platforms.

Prior to this release, all his other tracks were released on his personal SoundCloud. This multi-platform release heralds the beginning of fast-track rise to fame as a self-developed artist and sound engineer. Music was something fun that he indulged in for the love of it, and now he has built a solid career in being a full-time musician and producer.

His mixes gaining traction was a pleasant surprise. After a period of trying for social media stardom and falling short, Jeff did not expect both JWiin and #Cyko to attract the amount of attention they had on SoundCloud and Instagram. To this day, he is not entirely sure how he managed it, but definitely, the popularity he gained through his platform is only possible thanks to his exceptional style that captivates his listeners.

Jeff has an extraordinary awareness of life, and his vision is to make waves of change in the world through the music he creates. The content he creates perfectly captures how he views the world and what issues he wants to address and change through his work.

With an inborn talent in masterful music-making, he has a unique sound with his natural voice. This ensures that JWiin makes tracks with no alterations like auto-tune and pitch correction effects, which are prevalent in today’s music industry. In being hands-on in pre-production, production, and post-production, he is able to create a signature music style that is uniquely and notably his. At the same time, he is working as #Cyko to realize the mixes of his partner artists and make them stand out from others in the field.

Many verified accounts have gotten in touch with JWiin and #Cyko for global branding, and he is confident that given time, his presence and influence in the society will only grow further. With the belief that a positive outlook attracts positive energy, he is optimistic about what the future holds in store for him.

Listen to #Cyko’s tracks on Soundcloud, and follow JWiin and #Cyko on Instagram to keep up-to-date with his latest projects.