Juliet Ramos Is Empowering Women Everywhere Through BrokenGirls Unchained

Everybody loves a good comeback story. Rooting for someone’s success after immense bouts of failure gives us a sense of accomplishment and happiness for others. It’s a good way of supporting others, building a community where others can build a support system, and empower each other. Juliet Ramos stands at the forefront of providing an avenue for empowering women through her blog and podcast, BrokenGirl Unchained.

Ultimately, she wants women to bounce back from neglect and abuse. Juliet Ramos herself understands what it’s like to be in the predicament. She uses her story as an inspiration for others. 

She is a 38-year-old single mother from Modesto, California, who got divorced from her husband, and her family no longer supports her and her children. 

Juliet Ramos attributes the bad decisions of her birth mother and her ex-husband toward sealing her fate. Through all the betrayal and the hardships that she faced, she found a profound strength that she never knew she ever had. She had a fire in her eyes that just couldn’t be snuffed out.

BrokenGirl Unchained began as a gift from Juliet’s co-host, engineer, and editor.

She pours her heart and soul into the website and blog, eventually establishing a podcast along with it. The BrokenGirl Unchained podcast allows Juliet Ramos to share her painful experiences in another light, from different perspectives. 

Juliet Ramos wants her genuine and honest opinions to fully connect with women who have been through the same experiences that she’s been through. Her podcast covers a variety of topics ranging from marriage, divorce, men, family, heartbreak, love, sex, dating, parenthood, fitness, health, grief, and many more. 

The podcast is unchained, unfiltered, and delivered in true BrokenGirls fashion. Juliet Ramos stands unabashed and is not afraid to open up to the world about her experiences. Through her courage to speak up, she has managed to inspire many women all over the world. She’s had multiple testimonials from various women, citing that their lives have changed for the better after listening to her podcast.


Annette, who’s an avid listener of the podcast, has expressed that she can relate to each story, and listening to the podcast has transformed her into a stronger person. It’s from these stories and testimonials that Juliet Ramos thoroughly proves that what she’s doing is being heard by women everywhere. 

It’s undeniable that women everywhere are becoming victims of abuse, be it sexual abuse or domestic abuse. There is a clear gender bias that is prevalent in our society, and Juliet Ramos

 Juliet with Marissa from  Episode 3 “Matilda‘s Project” at The Women’s Empowerment Launch Party, Sponsored by Palladium Nightclub, Modesto California. Photo Taken by Mike Bryan 


It’s undeniable that women everywhere are becoming victims of abuse, be it sexual abuse or domestic abuse. There is a clear gender bias that is prevalent in our society, and Juliet Ramos wants to empower women so that they can overcome all these challenges and fix the broken system we have today 

.Through BrokenGirl Unchained, Juliet has been given a platform to invite guests such as experts, professionals, celebrities, and everyday people who come to the podcast and share their own stories of healing and success despite all the odds. The website and podcast hands women the tools and resources to make their mark on the world.

The podcast is a testament to the power of women. Once they find a community that supports each and every one of them, they can become a force to be reckoned with. The show is all-inclusive, and it makes sure to shed light on some of the most sensitive topics regarding women’s abuse. It puts a spotlight on people from different walks of life, people with different backgrounds and races. Juliet Ramos is doing phenomenal work by helping others, and she hopes to grow her brand so she can help even more people as the years go by.

Find out more about BrokenGirl Unchained by visiting Juliet’s website. Check out Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and Pandora to listen to the podcast and follow her Instagram account for more live updates.