Josh Lioce and the Lioce Properties Group Handing Over Keys to Homes, Not Houses

As the Broker and Team Leader of the reputable Lioce Properties Group, Josh Lioce continues to exceed expectations simply because that’s the only way he knows how to work. With a reliable and dedicated team, Josh and his company hand over the keys to their client’s best investment yet.

Josh Lioce laid the groundwork for the Lioce Properties Group at the mere age of 23. At the time, the young entrepreneur struggled to succeed in his dream to pair every individual to the perfect home, after the first office he was working for shut down. “Nobody in the industry in my local area would give me the time of day or hire me. I couldn’t even get an interview,” he recalls.

“I decided to start my own company and build the area’s most powerful real estate team.” So, he did. 

Assembling a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals, Josh Lioce has designed the Lioce Properties Group to fulfill his vision of unwavering commitment in providing a level of service second to none.

Establishing the esteemed company, Josh fuels his belief that a great real estate experience hinges on the relationships you build with your clients. Through the Lioce Properties Group, the talented entrepreneur has built a reputation stitched by the threads of lasting partnerships, reliability, and confidence. 

“The Lioce Properties Group has all full-time agents committed to serving our clients with the focus of creating a life-long relationship,” Josh shares. “We provide every first-time home buyer with a private, one-on-one class taking them through the process from start to finish and providing them with a 32-page Buyer Playbook, while our sellers receive specific guides on selling, depending on what situation they may be in.”

Not just buyers, the hardworking team also takes good care of the other party in property contracts. With Josh Lioce at the helm, sellers get to experience concierge service from the beginning of their process with assistance in all things. The entrepreneur aids from staging to vendors to complete work on the property to closing with moving and housing assistance. 

This, along with the excellent service, professionalism, and dedication to client needs, has made the Lioce Properties Group, the top preferred real estate company in the area. Applying their trademark enthusiasm and steadfast diligence, the team has made themselves the obvious and only choice for worthy property investments.

Employing a unique and client-centered process, Josh Lioce applies in-depth knowledge of all the nooks and crannies of real estate, including an accurate inventory of the Greater Milford, Blackstone Valley, and Metrowest markets.

This gives their client that extra advantage of having the necessary information to make educated decisions and twist the knob open to their most important investment yet – a home. “Every member of the Lioce Properties Group will work tirelessly to help you meet your goals with what could only be described as 110% commitment.”

The team’s commitment is glaringly apparent in the numerous positive reviews that the real estate company and Josh Lioce have received. Offering a satisfying and rewarding experience for both the buyer and seller, the Lioce Properties Group raises the bar for first-class service with micro-local knowledge in the industry. 

Receive only the keys to the best property investments in the area. Learn more about the Lioce Properties Group and its celebrated broker and team leader Josh Lioce on its official website