Josh Evans: The Movement Coach Pushes His Clients To Achieve Holistic Fitness

The one key component of a successful workout regimen is consistency. Health and wellness isn’t just a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle, which is why it’s always important to create healthy habits to sustain one’s fitness goals. Doing the exact opposite will cause an individual to yo-yo back and forth between healthy and unhealthy. Fortunately, Josh Evans is here to clear all the misconceptions and help people build effective habits with all the health benefits included.

Josh Evans is an online fitness coach that has amassed over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. He has trained countless people throughout his entire career, helping them achieve their fitness goals through proper diet and nutrition, effective exercise routines, and habitizing all of these.

Coach Josh Evans has positively impacted the lives of his clients in many ways. He has helped shape and transforms many individuals through his coaching and training. He starts off his sessions by advising his clients on proper nutrition and helping them perform simple exercise routines.

His unconventional training methods utilize certain gym equipment such as kettlebells and steel maces, which makes his routine more challenging yet highly effective. Josh Evans effectively combines the right principles of good nutrition and movement to revolutionize the fitness industry as we know it.

“I have been lucky enough to work for some of the world’s best strength and conditioning coaches and learn from some of the most respected professors in academics while obtaining a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.” says Evans. He has thoroughly developed his philosophy on movement over the past ten years learning from some of the brightest minds in the field.

Coach Josh Evans takes a more detailed approach when working with his clients. He is well organized and has a vast understanding of the human anatomy allowing him to give tailor-made solutions to each and every one of his clients’ problems. He firmly believes in a more holistic approach to fitness. He sees fitness as a lifestyle change, rather than just doing what needs to be done. He deeply encourages his clients to form habits rather than just wing their exercises.

Not only is he an expert on movement, but Josh Evans also puts a strong focus on proper nutrition to help his clients achieve their goals. As a PN Level 1 coach with Precision Nutrition, he is able to educate his clients on the right kinds of food to consume to get good results with their workouts and keep them feeling healthy and energetic.

Josh Evans is a cut above the rest. He is a fitness coach that manages to cover all the bases to ensure the success of his clients’ transformation. He is constantly elevating the rigorous standards of online fitness, and the prominent fitness coach is definitively becoming the benchmark for others to follow suit.

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