Joie De Viv Makes Jewelry for the Modern Woman

Founded on the belief that jewelry should be luxurious, fun, ethical, and a part of every day, Joie De Viv has created a one of a kind jewelry experience designed for the modern woman.

Like so many women today, Vivian Weyll, founder of Joie De Viv, has worn many hats and held many identities. Besides being the founder, she is also a designer, serial entrepreneur, explorer, risk-taker, cinephile, art aficionado, divorcee, and a proud mother—perfectly defining what a modern woman is.

For her, Joie de Viv is the embodiment of the many stories and lives she has lived.

“Along each unique road, I have discovered new loves, new passions, a few heartaches, but always a unique joie de vivre completely my own,” Vivian shares.

Each collection is inspired by her life’s many unique journeys and joys, designed for the modern woman who is sexy, desirable, and complex. More than simply jewelry, each piece is a deeply personal labor of love meant to inspire, uplift, empower, and transform every wearer’s energy, allowing them to change the world for the better while making it a more beautiful place.

Every Joie De Viv piece is a timeless treasure, treasures that every woman will take wherever the journey takes her. “I believe that what makes a piece of jewelry truly priceless and precious is the personal stories and intentions the wearer associates with each piece,” Vivian explains. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beauty of Joie de Viv comes from what each piece represents for every woman.

One of the ways that Joie De Viv is disrupting the jewelry industry is by being one of the first brands to commit to sustainability in the jewelry industry. They believe in going above and beyond the industry standards when it comes to sourcing their materials ethically and responsibly. 

For them, there’s nothing more beautiful than doing right by people and the planet. This jewelry brand matches not only the style of a modern woman but also her values.

Unlike other direct-to-consumer online retailers, they only use solid reclaimed 18k gold and premium quality, IGI-certified VVS-VS clarity, sustainably created diamonds. These exceptional selections of certified lab-created premium quality diamonds, ethical precious stones, and top-grade metals are free of harm and full of charm. They have gone to great lengths to guarantee that they are not only conflict-free, but that their suppliers adhere to internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards.

Joie De Viv is made with the best quality materials at their Miami studio by artisans with over 30 years of jewelry making experience. In addition to quality materials, top craftsmanship, and beautiful designs, they also have a following of over 250,000 on their social media. This proves that every modern woman wants a Joie De Viv in their lives.

So in a search for a jewelry brand that is environmentally friendly, attainable, and luxuriously beautiful, that is Joie de Viv.

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