Joe Nicassio Seeks to Help Retrenched and Stuck Employees Do What They Love for a Living

More than 45 million Americans have filed initial unemployment claims due to the Coronavirus crisis and its devastating effect on the nation’s economy. But with the unfortunate turn of events, some people are making lemonade out of lemons and to help other people do the same. 

One of those positivists is entrepreneur and business coach Joe Nicassio. This business mentor is making it his mission to guide people to be self-reliant instead of employer-reliant, especially in these unprecedented times. Nicassio has launched Employee Escape Plan, a program to help retrenched employees, and people who are tired of the daily grind of their careers start a career around something they genuinely love. 

To Joe Nicassio, business is not a result of risk or luck. It’s the direct result of passion, principles, and sound marketing skills. He believes that when you do something that you love and market it well, clients will gratefully reward you by subscribing to your service or buying your product. 

Nicassio has been working with startups and established businesses since 1999. For the past 20 years, he has been obsessed with discovering and teaching sound business principles. His consultancy started when he realized how furious he was over the infinite capacity to fabricate “empty promises” about how to make businesses successful. 

Nicassio is also the author of “Resurrecting America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit: A Practical Approach for Creating Jobs,” which has a five out of five ratings on Barnes and Noble’s website. The book speaks on the tried and tested strategies and practices of businesses that scale and create more jobs for others. In it, Joe creates a compelling case that entrepreneurs are necessary for nations to experience prosperity.  

Nicassio has appeared on television and radio, getting on shows like Santa Barbara Community TV, Monrovia Community TV, Saturday Morning CEO, New Marketing Internet, and Exit Coach. He’s a highly sought after business speaker and regularly gets invited to speak at conferences and company events, helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and executives scale their organizations. Most recently, Nicassio has been using online channels to continue to educate people on digital platforms. That’s where his online programs came to life.

EmployeeEscapePlan is a business coaching intensive spread across 12 sessions, which are all done via pre-scheduled webinars. Replays will also be available after each training. The program has six main sections. They plan “your ideal business”, positioning brands to stand out, packaging  products or services to attract clients, effectively promote offering, using persuasive sales techniques, and performing the work as promised. 

Nicassio hopes that more and more people realize their true potential to become an entrepreneur and create something for themselves and others. The pains and aches many employees have to go through are what drive Nicassio, most notably in these abnormal times. 

The COVID-19 situation continues to drive more and more businesses to close their doors permanently. While the rates of reductions and layoffs slow down with every passing day, the challenge now is to help individuals and households diversify their income, to sustain their way of living. 

Joe Nicassio hopes that EmployeeEscapePlan will be an answer to many Americans’ prayers. To check out the program, head over to the EmployeeEscapePlan’s website.