Jeremy Van Winkle Helps Young Entrepreneurs Recreate Themselves

There are no shortcuts to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and Jeremy Van Winkle can attest to this reality 100%. The successful entrepreneur, business mentor, and author of the book titled Selling U believes that becoming successful, at some point, will require recreating oneself. Armed with inspiring and life-changing stories, experience, and a commitment to make a difference, he is intentionally helping young entrepreneurs recreate themselves and achieve their utmost goals in business. 

The owner of Bayou Coatings, the leading concrete company in Louisiana, Jeremy Van Winkle scaled his business after offering a lifetime guarantee of workmanship and their excellent product. With Jeremy at the helm of operations, Bayou Coatings went from zero to $750,000 in its first year of business. By using an effective system that helped him take his business to the next level, Jeremy believes that a lot of people can benefit from the same process. He started by reinventing himself.

“Self-image is the underlying condition of depression, suicide, and addiction; my story will be a road map to help young adults recreate themselves. I have struggled with depression and suicide because of the lack of self-worth. Over the last three years, I have recreated myself from an overdosed drug addict to a successful business owner,” Jeremy Van Winkle shares. 

Jeremy Van Winkle was motivated to create his brand as a mentor and book author after seeing himself on the plight of many aspiring entrepreneurs in this generation. Just like him, many young entrepreneurs today are working hard to make a lasting and positive impact in the world. Achieving this, however, takes some time and entails overcoming many obstacles along the way. Knowing that overcoming these obstacles can be quite frustrating for many, Jeremy is making it one of his life’s greatest purposes to guide the next generation of entrepreneurs to avoid the pitfalls of running and growing a business.

What makes Jeremy Van Winkle distinct from many business mentors in the industry today is his priceless personal experience when it comes to life’s biggest challenges from wallowing in drug addiction to almost dying from an overdose and ending up in jail. Despite his past, Jeremy found a way to turn from his bad habits and recreate himself to become the successful businessman, mentor, and book author that he is today. How he turned his life around significantly is something that a lot of people can learn from and he is confident that by sharing his story, he can impact an even bigger audience than he deemed possible in this lifetime.

In the next coming years, Jeremy Van Winkle envisions himself establishing an iconic and influential platform that does not only specialize in recreating the next generation of entrepreneurs but also invest in their start-ups and creative ideas. Having gone through some difficult times himself when he was just starting out in his career, Jeremy understands how disheartening it can be to build a business with not enough funding. He recalls a time when he had to sleep in his car while on training because he did not have enough money to pay for a hotel accommodation. As his way of giving back, Jeremy wants to continue to help young entrepreneurs by giving them access to the tools and support they need to launch their product or service. 

As Jeremy Van Winkle continues to inspire young entrepreneurs to never give up on their dreams, he hopes that his personal journey serves as a guide as they, too, shape their own careers. He continues to advocate that whatever they choose to pursue in life, and no matter what the outcome may be, they can always choose to recreate themselves when the need arises. 

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