Jenanne Filat: Simplicity in Fashion Is Timeless

As the world steps further and further into modernization, things are also getting more complicated. Simplicity has become such a rare thing that people have forgotten just how much of a beautiful thing it can be. 

Trends in fashion come and go. But timeless pieces never run out of style no matter what era it is. Even subconsciously, people usually tend to gravitate toward classic, timeless, and essential pieces for their wardrobe. And not only do they suit everyone well, but they also take much less effort during the decision making process. This essence of timelessness is what Jenanne Filat tries to incorporate into all of her garment designs. 

Jenanne is a fifth-generation custom clothier, luxury menswear designer, and stylist who founded the modern-day Barakat Bespoke, where she also serves as Creative Director. With well over twenty-five years in the fashion industry, Jenanne oversees the entire design and production process of all their garments. She has been published as one of the top custom clothiers and tailors in the South by Garden and Gun and has shown her esteemed collections at the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, one of the top fashion weeks in the world. 

Her styling experience has gained her prominent clientele, including celebrities, athletes, and politicians. She has been credited for reviving the luxury menswear fashion scene not only in her local hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, but globally. The designs she creates are immediately recognizable by their unique structure and impeccable fit. It’s no wonder that she is the stylist of the stylists. 

Barakat Bespoke has humble beginnings, starting out as a textile company in the Middle East in 1893. Today it offers services that improve the image and simplify the clients’ lifestyle by making the dressing process effortless and seamless. The image-targeted service offered by Barakat Bespoke is for anyone who wants to revamp their looks or those who want to give themselves a fresh start. Moreover, it doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all formula to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible. Its styling services have saved its clients from spending thousands of dollars over time by eliminating needless shopping. Because aside from educating them on how to dress smart, they are also taught how to shop smart.

Although Jenanne specializes in custom clothing for men, she also provides women’s styling and an array of other services, including custom women’s suiting. Barakat Bespoke houses the largest fabric library in the region and offers in house tailoring services by certified master tailors. For her Fall 2020 collection, she will include one of a kind hand made couture gowns and wedding dresses that will be on display exclusively at The Wedding Salon at Barakat Bespoke in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

If Barakat Bespoke sparks your interest, you may view some of its collections on their website and Instagram page.