Jeannine Widener and Chris Cipriano Are Saving Lives and Helping People Save Money

Jeannine Widener and Chris Cipriano, global Enagic Kangen Water distributors, are pH water! Enagic, the Kangen Water company, began operations in 1974. Initially started in Japan but has grown to become a global brand in over 23 countries with more than 40 corporate offices worldwide. The Kangen Water Product is a registered medical device in Japan used in hospitals. The Kangen Water product is revolutionary, and the water systems are medical-grade water ionizers that restructure regular tap water in various pH water.

Kangen water products are known to solve global problems on a massive scale, and as a company, they help solve plastic pollution problems. One less family drinking toxic, chemical leaching, plastic water bottles pollute the environment for every machine sold. Kangen also attributes to their device the ability to provide drinking water rich in antioxidants and possess therapeutic properties. Since the disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, Kangen water contains natural alkaline minerals that help oxygenate the blood, detox the body, reduce inflammation, and help the body flush out the acidity.

Enagic’s mission is to help everyone experience proper health, a healthy body, and healthy relationships. Hence, the company adopted a direct sales model to help others have an opportunity to be part of the Enagic legacy. Many families also generate and earn extra income through Enagic’s direct sales program, which is available to everyone who becomes a customer of at least one of their products.

Enagic’s target audience varies from athletes, children, the elderly, chronic disease patients, pets, and plants. The device can transform regular tap water into different types of pH water.

Enagic is recognized as a “Caring Company” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Enagic Water Products are medically approved as a medical device by the Japanese Ministry of Labor and Welfare. Kangen water is one of the very few products allowed through airport security anywhere in the world, thanks to its medically-graded status. Enagic International is the only alkaline-ionizer, and water filtration Distribution Company in the world that has its OEM manufacturing facility located in Japan and an ISO certified quality control process.

Enagic and Kangen Water Products came to be because everyone needs healthy drinking water, and regular tap water and bottled water is not the best choice. According to an article from Harvard, an average person can save up to $6,000 over five years when they use a stainless steel bottle to reel their water. Now imagine someone holding for an entire family for up to four or five years. That is precisely the gap Enagic intends to bridge; not just provide the public with clean and healthy water, but also help them save a lot of money. 

Because the popularity of Enagic water keeps increasing every day, with more and more people reaping the benefits of drinking alkaline or Kangen water, there is an urgent need to make information readily available to the public; hence, the help of this article. 

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