Janice Fredericks-Spell Is Reclaiming the Beauty Supply Industry for Black Women Everywhere

The beauty industry is an industry that is ripe for the taking. It’s an industry that has seen a lot of successful individuals thrive. Yet as easy as it might sound, success in the industry requires the right expertise and knowledge to greatly scale a business into the six-figure line. Fortunately, The Retail Genius, Janice Fredericks-Spell, helps aspiring entrepreneurs in that department.

Her reputation precedes her; Janice Fredericks-Spell was hailed as a pioneer in the beauty supply industry by Black Enterprise Magazine. She has always been conscious and intentional with her approach to the beauty supply chain. Through her meticulous methods, she has  helped Black beauty supply owners gross over $3 million in revenue. She has done all of this through her “Beauty Supply Bootcamp” coaching program, which was established in 2017.

At the young age of 24, Janice Fredericks-Spell cashed in her retirement funds and went ahead with her dream of opening a retail beauty boutique in her hometown, New York City. She opened her first store in 2010 and called it Fabulous Freddys. Little did she know that it was the start of a beautiful career in the beauty industry. 

Through Janice Fredericks-Spell’s hard work and dedication, she officially gave birth to her brainchild in 2018, theretailgenius.com. The website is a platform where she hopes to guide aspiring entrepreneurs on their retail industry journey in the best way possible. 

The Retail Genius herself is equipped with the right amount of knowledge related to the beauty supply industry, which is why she has enjoyed a lot of success throughout the years. She offers consulting services, webinars, and products to her potential clients that help them navigate the elusive field of business.

Apart from all of the business that she does, Janice Fredericks-Spell is a busy wife and a “mompreneur” to three beautiful babies. Janice is also a devout Christian who serves in her local church and the New York Cares organization. She is also a devotee of World Vision, an evangelical Christian organization that focuses all of its efforts on humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization.

Janice expertly balances her hectic work schedule along with being a wife and mother, as well as serving in her church. She is a multifaceted woman who hopes to inspire and empower other women to succeed on their own. Janice is overjoyed by the amount of Black-women owned businesses that are cropping up over the years and is elated to be a part of furthering the movement.

In the near future, Janice Fredericks-Spell hopes to be able to provide funding resources for her many clients. The biggest challenge these days is encouraging women to open a store once they take her program. Janice wants her clients to succeed as much as possible, so she hopes to give them the right push by inspiring them through her success story and her expertise. She hopes for more Black beauty supply stores to succeed and reclaim the beauty industry one store at a time.

Find out more about the amazing Janice Fredericks-Spell by visiting her official website.