Jacob Kyle Young: The New Face of Health and Now Entertainment

It is ironic but true that the near experience of death can teach you how to live. With a car accident that left Jacob Kyle Young left for being dead by the driver, he saw what every human on this Earth should see for himself. The passion to fulfill his dreams. An athlete since childhood who played soccer and football, the fierce competitiveness led him to beat the odds of life.

Early Life

Once voted as the best gym trainer at Gold’s Gym, Jacob Kyle Young has come a long way in showcasing his talents on the silver screen. He has been recently featured in Love and Four Walls, a drama directed by Jun David Wang. Jacob was born in Plano, Texas to a loving family of four brothers and parents who encouraged him to be what he wanted. Even while growing up with sports, the love for the reel ensued. He visited the Rio 10 Cinema twice a week which worked as a motivation booster in whatever he did.

The rough nature of his sports career resulted in a number of concussions which led him to slow down the sports but also led him to his first love – Bodybuilding. Not one to back down, he went ahead and became a bodybuilding champion in many competitions. It is a super-ambitious form, he became a well-known bodybuilder.

Picking up Speed

Life took its turns with commercial acting workshops suggested by a client, moving to LA at the age of 21 and taking acting lessons under the tutelage of Mona Lee and Marco Perella. He picked up speed with 20 independent films in a short time and worked hard at creating his own unique “brand”.  This led him to take up screenplay writing and script-writing.

Notable Achievements

Working on Matt Damon’s “Good Will Hunting” led Jacob to create his own roadmap of a rugged, All- American male with a soft heart. His work on PBS’ “My Brother’s Keeper” has debuted in Sundance Festival in 2017 and nominated for an Emmy.

His last role has been in 2018 in the feature film, “His Sunrise My Sunset” based on a book by the same name.

He is looking forward to producing and acting as the lead in another project called “Reach” which will be a coming of age sports/drama movie. He has also written the screenplay for the film. His own production company, “Post Modern Entertainment” will also be producing it.

Jacob’s first feature film role as an actor was “The Lurking Man” which is on Amazon Prime Video and first as a co-producer was the feature film, “My Babysitter the Superhero.”

His body of work includes producing and starring in three Amazon Prime video short films:

“Take the Shot”, “Get Over It”, and “The Descendants.”  He also co-produced feature films such as “The Three Bears and the Perfect Gift” which won “The Dove Award.”

He has also been a guest star in the tv show, “Murder Among Friends” in the episode, “Hell Storm.”

With such an impressive body of work, just at the early onset of his career, his love for the craft is visible. This zeal which took him to be a loved trainer has also made him a versatile producer, scriptwriter, and actor and it will not be long before Lady Luck blesses his hard work.