Izzarial Serrano Discovers Self-Identity and Healing Through Holistic Health Practice

After living through significant, even life-threatening, emotional and physical challenges, Izzarial Serrano blazes a trail towards self-determination and healing. He worked hard to become a motivational speaker and holistic health practitioner to strengthen individuals and the community.

Izzarial Serrano was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1993. Early in his life, Serrano faced self-identity issues and experienced an unhealthy level of pressure to live up to others’ expectations. These difficulties during his younger years taught him the crucial lesson that giving up is not an option.

He later discovered the power of his voice in communicating with students and other youth groups. Izzarial Serrano created the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Club in Central Islip High School. The organization provided a safe space for students of all sexual orientations, where they could express themselves authentically without fear. Unfortunately, Serrano was also cut off from his family around this time.

Shortly after high school, Izzarial Serrano decided to join the United States Marine Corps. A strong personality, an unwavering commitment to helping others, and camaraderie marked his military service. Unfortunately, Serrano’s desire to pursue a career in the marine corps was cut short by disease. He was diagnosed with Lupus, Raynaud’s Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and mixed connective tissue disease.

Mustering whatever strength he could, Serrano found a way to manage four serious diseases while studying wellness practices in different institutions. Defying all odds, he became a certified wellness educator with a certificate in plant-based nutrition. Izzarial Serrano also completed a comprehensive personal training internship for three months at Weeho & Santa Monica with Show Up Fitness. This institution is voted as one of the best in San Diego.

Following his training, Izzarial Serrano launched Mother Earth and Father Sky Health and Wellness. His brand is a milestone on his transformational journey through identity crisis, near-death experiences, and healing. Mother Earth and Father Sky Health and Wellness aims to empower people to continually move forward without distractions from the past or anxiety towards future events.

Using his extensive knowledge and hands-on training, Izzarial Serrano created a wellness group that strives to instill hope in people despite the adverse circumstances they find themselves in. His company utilizes experience-based programs, covering mindset, positive self-talk, traditional Chinese medicinal practices, and fitness.

Serrano explains further that “Teaching people not to give up is one thing, but making them understand why is another” challenge altogether. He uses methods to promote physical health and mental wellness that enable his clients to eliminate limiting beliefs that lead to self-sabotage.  

Izzarial Serrano prioritizes genuine understanding with his clients and rejects the false notion of a one-track wellness program. His team responds differently according to each client’s needs and tailor each program to achieve optimal results.

As a holistic health practitioner, Izzarial Serrano connects with businesses, support groups, and schools to take his message to the “grassroots level.” He hopes to inform and guide individuals to deliberately choose what they feed their minds, bodies, and souls. Taking on the roles of motivational speaker and wellness instructor is his way of effecting positive change in the community.

Looking back on his challenging life, Serrano expresses deep gratitude for his experiences. “I want people to understand that their life may get difficult, but that’s part of the process,” says Izzarial Serrano. Today, he continues to pursue diverse holistic modalities to incorporate into his company to assist his clients better.

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