Isaiah Banks’ Freedom Score Helping Americans Everywhere Get Out of Debt

Debt is a rising problem in many American homes. Reports show that consumer debt rose to a total of 13.86 trillion dollars in 2019, including mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and student loans. As more and more households struggle to pay off accountabilities, the services and expertise of people like Isaiah Banks Sr. are of the highest importance.

Isaiah Banks is a motivational speaker and finance coach. He is also the creator of Freedom Score, a company specializing in repairing and restoring credit by providing personal and business funding. Through their services, they help people from all walks of life cancel out their debt, guiding them throughout the process. 

Freedom Score helps both individuals and businesses experience freedom from debt. Isaiah is driven by his desire to help people who are weighed down by the pressures of financial constraints and giving them a roadmap to becoming better.

Isaiah’s service is an uncommon one, though the demand is exceptionally high. Through his method, Isaiah has helped hundreds of clients repair and restore their credit, often bringing fast and sure results. Through Freedom Score, Isaiah can give people funding with softer rates, helping many of their clients bounce back from debt and live with the peace of mind of their glory days. The company also helps expedite inquiry removal from Experian, often clearing credit issues in the national database within 72 hours.  

Isaiah labels himself as a credit enhancement specialist, who helps people through their accumulating debt. The idea to start in this career came to him when he realized how many people were clueless about their rights and options when it comes to personal credit. While most people might resort to drastic or even illegal means to clear their name, Freedom Score educates people on a proven and completely legal method of challenging creditors and creating a road map to pay off debt with as little problems as possible.

Isaiah is 100 percent confident in the system of Freedom Score, so much so that he promises full money-back guarantee if a client’s debts aren’t repaired and restored by the promised time. “We truly aim and guarantee that after allowing us to repair and restore your credit, you will truly be free to get whatever you want and need with a Freedom Score,” shares Isaiah.

With his eyes set on the future, Isaiah hopes to be a means by which people all over the country and even the world overcome debt by instructing them on how to escape the anxieties and stresses of financial debt. To Isaiah, Freedom Score is more than just a company. It’s his way of bringing change to the world.

Isaiah dreams of a day where fewer and fewer people have to carry a debt for decades of their life only to get pinned down by them in their later years. At Freedom Score, the team is always looking to help people who aren’t afraid to invest in themselves and take the leap of faith for a better tomorrow. 

To learn more about Isaiah Banks and Freedom Score, visit Isaiah’s Instagram account.