International Entrepreneur Kaila Methven Does It Again—Wearing $10,000 Hats, the Model and Lingerie Designer Is Announced as Brand Ambassador for Eileen L. Bleyer’s Couture Headpieces

Fashion model and designer Kaila Methven will premier her new line of EDM lingerie in 2021, wearing Royal Collection, one-of-a-kind couture headpieces created and designed by Eileen L Bleyer. 

As the brand ambassador for these gorgeous creations, Madame Methven will showcase these elegant and unique headpieces in her many runways, boudoir photoshoots, social media posts, and red carpet appearances. 

The name “Kaila Methven” puts a shine in the eyes of those in the fashion industry. The widely-recognized and respected fashion icon is the founder of Madame Methven and Madame Special K. 

Having debuted her collection at LA Fashion Week, Madame Methven has captured the attention of the press, being featured in several celebrated publications, and the admiration of countless celebrities who have secured the bold colors of Madame Methven in their closets.

Building on her brand, the talented fashion model has numerous showstopping ventures in the works. The lingerie and fashion designer is pleased to announce the launch of her new projected multimillion-dollar EDM line perfect for the Spring of 2021.

The upcoming EDM collection’s intricate designs will be introduced together with the lauded Eileen Bleyer’s revolutionary couture headpieces. With this new partnership, Madame Methven is excited and ready to style the exclusive fascinators and hats with her stunning 2021 lingerie line. 

Eileen L. Bleyer showcased her wears at the Designer Debut at New York Fashion Week in 2019 and the 30th and 31 st International Couture Collections Show at DC Fashion Week in 2019 and 2020 at the Embassy of France. 

“All women look beautiful in a hat. They just have to find the right one,” Eileen recently told FOX 45 Morning News in Maryland before the First Annual Spring Couture Hat Show & Sale at The Lord Baltimore Hotel. 

“When you select the perfect hat, your whole outfit is elevated to another level. The truth of it is, if you go back over history, the most famous women in the world always wore gorgeous hats. If a woman walks in the room with an outfit with a gorgeous hat, I’ll tell ya; people are going to notice.” 

The fusion of Eileen L. Bleyer’s high fashion elegance and Madame Methven’s stunning lingerie is a brilliant aesthetic that was meant to come together. Both power women host a genuine desire to make women feel beautiful. Inspired by fashion in their early teens, but decades apart, Eileen and Kaila share a love of elegance and couture.

Eileen bought her own Singer sewing machine and began making her clothes, and at the age of seventeen, she entered an evening gown competition for the State of Maryland and won first prize. 

Kaila’s interest in haute couture was inspired in Paris at the age of sixteen. Madame Methven trained in the art of design from the distinguished Fashion Institute Esmod. She went on to earn a Master’s Degree from the International Fashion Academy Paris and completed advanced training at Polimoda in Florence.

Now, stitching together their own iconic styles, pulses have been racing in the world of fashion for the show of the century. With Madame Methven lighting up the runway in the stunning designs of Eileen L. Bleyer’s headpieces and her gorgeous lingerie collection, there is no doubt the partnership will produce lasting ripples in the colorful industry.

Aside from news of being the brand ambassador of Eileen L. Bleyer’s one-of-a-kind Millinery Royal Collection pieces, Madame Methven has a few more announcements up her sleeve.

This 2021, the lauded fashion icon will be launching a reality show with top networks negotiating in battles for the next Kim Kardashian. Several partnerships are also in the talks, all designed to take fashion to the next level.

With countless plans underway, Madame Methven only has a few words to say on running an empire. “If you want to leave your mark on this world, be ready to work hard and sacrifice everything to make your dreams come true.”

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