In New Book, Ashley Helene Talks About Membership Site Success

Industry-leading business consultant and membership site developer Ashley Helene is busier than ever. Aside from leading her business consulting and automation company, homeschooling her two children, attending Gator games, and playing bass in the worship band at her church, she’s also going out of her comfort zone proving what else she can do. This time, she’s launched a book called Membership Site Success: Create, Automate, Monetize, and Scale Your Membership Site to Six-Figures and Beyond.

Her new book contains everything she has learned throughout a decade of experience creating multiple seven-figure producing membership sites. Ashley takes the readers on her journey to becoming successful. She doesn’t hold back in sharing secrets to the readers in finding their niche and building their membership site to automate the sales process and scaling to six-figures and beyond.

“I have tested all membership platforms available on the market as well as developed my systems,” says Ashley. She also guarantees that the proprietary CAMS system that the readers can find on her book can be replicated for any business or niche.

Ashley is the founder of MG Business Consulting that helped launch, grow and scale MzeroA, the world’s leading source in flight training, which has been ranked three times on the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing private sector companies. Recognizing the company’s three-year sales growth of 1875% and success with a membership site business model, Ashley is empowering business owners with the tools, resources, and step-by-step guidance they need to launch six-figure membership sites and succeed online.

Her book is an informative guide on the power of membership sites for long-term business success and profit generation. It’s specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to take their business online and generate recurring revenue in addition to their existing business. It’s also for influencers that have an existing audience and want to better leverage their time and knowledge by creating a course for their followers. Lastly, it’s also for educators who want to take online courses to continue to provide education via distance learning. After all, what separates Ashley from her peers is her dedication to help others beyond success.

“I watched Ashley build that company from scratch,” said business consultant Tony Teegarden. “Knowing the journey that she went through, and who she became because of it, Ashley is someone you want to have in your corner to help you create and develop your business. With vast experience and a track record of consulting seven- to eight-figure online businesses, she is great at leveraging online membership sites to maximize the benefits of strategic technology and marketing. Bringing those pieces together, her clients find themselves with a valuable asset for life.”

If you want to take your business to the next level, or to get started optimizing an existing business for a membership site, read your copy of Membership Site Success: Create, Automate, Monetize and Scale Your Membership Site to 6 Figures and Beyond. Her book is now open for pre-order on Amazon or her website at MG Business Consulting Group. Additionally, you can schedule a free business consultation with Ashley at