Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Success: Empathy Queen™

People often form snap judgments about an individual’s potential for success based on their professional achievements and physical appearance. However, the Emotional Quotient, EQ—a person’s capacity to use, understand, and manage emotions—plays a crucial role in achieving goals and having success both personally and professionally.  Emotional Intelligence (EI) Coach Tarmim Khan, founder of Empathy Queen, is one of the top industry leaders who helps countless individuals in learning, developing, and mastering Emotional Intelligence to achieve happiness and success.

This individual has always had a deep interest in the world of Psychology and its role in human behavior ever since she was young. It was no surprise then that Tarmim Khan pursued a career in this field, graduating with a degree in Psychology and English and earning a certification in therapy and counseling. Years after Tarmim embraced her empathic skills and abilities, she has become a highly-recognized professional floursining in the business of changing lives. 

Known best as Empathy Queen, Tarmim Khan capitalizes on her educational and professional achievements along with her personal experiences to guide people toward their intended futures. As an American-born citizen whose Bengali heritage and Muslim background made her vulnerable to unfair sentiments, she was at the receiving end of judgments, harassments, and bullying during her elementary years and even throughout college for embracing her authentic self. But by growing up with sound morals, an ambitious mindset, and a firm adherence to her values, this Counselor overcame the trials and tribulations life threw her way. 

For Tarmim Khan, the challenges she faced and the lessons that came her way all allowed her to turn her messes into messages of hope, resilience, and empowerment. And now, she stands as a go-to figure, leading people to transform their lives and relationships for the better. Focused on increasing the client’s EQ levels through Emotional Intelligence, she makes it possible for people to achieve success, fulfillment, and happiness in every aspect of life. 

At Empathy Queen, Tarmim Khan provides Emotional Intelligence training for businesses that exceed commercial objectives by cultivating healthy work cultures. Moreover, this platform, which believes that ‘empathy’ is at the center of Emotional Intelligence, also caters to individuals who are looking to overcome their struggles on a journey to becoming the best versions of themselves, coaching them through one-on-one sessions via Zoom.

Through Empathy Queen, clients are guaranteed tailored, individualized approaches that draw strength from its Founder’s expertise as a counselor and therapist. Empathy Queen also offers free consultations intended to address any questions and determine a strong mutual fit between Tarmim Khan and the client. This emphasis on compatibility is due to her firm belief in having a solid coach-client relationship.

With her work with Empathy Queen, Tarmim Khan has gained accolades for her competence in promoting healthy behaviors and patterns through Emotional Intelligence that can improve relationships and overall well-being. This mental health advocate proficiently examines and understands Emotional Intelligence at its core, enabling the skills to deliver personalized strategies to every client. And in the coming years, Tarmim plans to become a motivational speaker as she continues to uplift individuals across the country and worldwide, empowering them to realize their full potential.

Learn more about Empathy Queen and its founder Tarmim Khan by visiting her website and Instagram page.